NASA SP-509, vol. 3


PART 1- Exploring, Evaluating, and Mining Nonterrestrial Resources by Richard E. Gertsch
To Build a Mine: Prospect to Product by Richard E. Gertsch
Lunar Exploration for Resource Utilization by Michael B. Duke
Lunar Material Resources: An Overview by James L. Carter
Ground-Based Observation of Near-Earth Asteroids by Michael J. Gaffey
Asteroid Resources by John S. Lewis
Lunar Resource Evaluation and Mine Site Selection by A. Edward Bence
Lunar Site Characterization and Mining by Charles E. Glass
A Baseline Lunar Mine by Richard E. Gertsch
Asteroid Mining by Richard E. Gertsch
Mining Nonterrestrial Resources: Information Needs and Research Topics by Jaak J. K. Daemen

PART 2-Beneficiation and Extraction of Noneterrestrial Materials by William N. Agosto
Lunar Benification by William N. Agosto
The Onsite Manufacture of Propellant Oxygen From Lunar Resources by Sanders D. Rosenberg; Robert L. Beegle, Jr.; Gerald A. Guter; Frederick E. Miller; and Michael Rothenberg
Processing Lunar Soils for Oxygen and Other Materials by Christian W. Knudsen and Michael A. Gibson
Oxygen From the Lunar Soil by Molten Silicate Electrolysis by Russell O. Colson and Larry A. Haskin
Vapor Phase Pyrolysis by Wolfgang Steurer
Plasma Separtion by Wolfgang Steurer
Processes for Metal Extraction by David F. Bowersox
Bioprocessing of Ores: Application to Space Resources by Karl R. Johansson
Processing of Metal and Oxygen From Lunar Deposits by Constance F. Acton
Concrete: Potential Material for Space Station by T. D. Lin
Lunar Cement by William N. Agosto

PART 3-Manufacturing and Fabrication by Sankar Sastri, Michael B. Duke, and Larry A. Haskin
Iron and Alloys of Iron by Sankar Sastri
Glass and Ceramics by Larry A. Haskin
Cement and Concrete by Gene Corley and Larry A. Haskin
Application of Manufactured Products by Sankar Sastri and Michael B. Duke

References for Part 3
Appendix A: Microwave Heating of Lunar Materials by Thomas T. Meek
Appendix B: Properties and Uses of Concrete by Gene Corley


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