NASA SP-509, vol. 2

Energy, Power, and Transport

Energy and Power: Introduction by Rocco Fazzolare
Power System Requirements by Edmund J. Conway
Technologies by Henry W. Brandhorst Jr.
Solar Dynamic Technology
Nuclear Energy Technology by David Buden
Nuclear Energy Technology References
Thermal Management in Space by Abe Hertzberg
Laser Power Transmission by Edmund J. Conway
Laser Power Transmission References
Conclusions by Henry W. Brandhorst
Transport: Introduction by William Lewis and Sanders D. Rosenberg
Transport: Introduction References
Utilization of Space Resources in the Space Transportation System by Michael C. Simon
Aluminum-Fueled Rockets for the Space Transportation System by Andrew H. Cutler
Aluminum-Fueled Rockets for the STS References
Electromagnetic Launch of Lunar Material by William R. Snow and Henry H Kolm
Electromagnetic Launch of Lunar Material References
Tethers by Andrew H. Cutler and Joseph A. Carroll
Tethers References
Electric and Thermal Propulsion Systems (Chart)
Electric Propulsion by Philip W. Garrison
Electric Propulsion References
Beamed Energy Propulsion by James M.Shoji
Beamed Energy Propulsion References
Addendum: Participants

Mary Fae McKay, David S. McKay, and Michael B. Duke
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Scientific and Technical
Information Program

Washington, D.C.

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