A plan for human colonization of space

Tim Hsiau, Daniel Tse, Plamen Nenov and Andrew Hsiau

I. Introduction

II. Construction

     II.A Launch Site

     II.B Automation

     II.C Exterior Transportation

          II.C.1 Space Tethers

          II.C.2 Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO)

          II.C.3 Space Elevator

     II.D Material Sources

          II.D.1 Terrestrial Resources

          II.D.2 Lunar Resources

               II.D.2.a Magnetic Separation

               II.D.2.b Ilmenite Reduction

               II.D.2.c Magma Electrolysis

               II.D.2.d Vacuum Distillation

          II.D.3 Asteroid and Comet Resources

     II.E Structure

          II.E.1 Structural Material

          II.E.2 Water Ballast System (WBS)

          II.E.3 Thermal Stress

          II.E.4 Radiators

          II.E.5 Mirrors

     II.F Location

III. Life Support

     III.A Radiation

          III.A.1 Measuring Radiation

          III.A.2 Effects of Radiation

          III.A.3 Radiation Protection

     III.B Pseudogravity

     III.C Atmosphere Management

          III.C.1 CO2 Concentrationand Removal

          III.C.2 O2 Generation

          III.C.3 Temperature and HumidityControl

          III.C.4 Trace Contaminant Control

          III.C.5 Colony Ventilation

     III.D Waste and Water Management

          III.D.1 Waste Collection

          III.D.2 Waste Processing

          III.D.3 Recycling

          III.D.4 Water Storage

          III.D.5 Water Quality Monitoring

     III.E. Plants and Algae

          III.E.1 Illumination

          III.E.2 Nutrient Delivery

          III.E.3 Atmosphere

          III.E.4 Modules

     III.F Food and Agriculture

          III.F.1 Food Production

          III.F.2 Food Preparation

          III.F.3 Food Storage

     III.G Fire Prevention, Detection, and Suppression

          III.G.1 Fire Prevention

          III.G.2 Fire Detection

          III.G.3 Fire Suppression

     III.H Power

          III.H.1 Power Distribution

          III.H.2 Power Generation

          III.H.3 Power Storage

               III.H.3.a Flywheels

               III.H.3.b Ultracapacitors

               III.H.3.c Fuel Cells

IV. Habitability

     IV.A Basic Habitability Aspects

          IV.A.1 Climate

          IV.A.2 Illumination

          IV.A.3 Colors and Surfaces

          IV.A.4 Decor

          IV.A.5 Vibration

          IV.A.6 Odor

          IV.A.7 Noise

          IV.A.8 Pests

          IV.A.9 Interior Space/Layout

          IV.A.10 Hygiene

          IV.A.11 Food

     IV.B Long Term Habitability Aspects

          IV.B.1 Crew Composition

          IV.B.2 Health Care

          IV.B.3 Communication

          IV.B.4 Privacy

          IV.B.5 Entertainment

          IV.B.6 Education

          IV.B.7 Interior Transportation

V. Employment

     V.A Industry

          V.A.1 Solar Power

          V.A.2 Lunar Mining &Manufacturing

          V.A.3 Asteroid Mining

          V.A.4 Space Tourism

          V.A.5 Satellite Construction

     V.B Research

     V.C Exploration



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