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About the NSS Political Action Network

The NSS Political Action Network (PAN) is comprised of NSS members volunteering to help move the national political and legislative process forward.  Their task is to help ensure that pro-space national policies and legislation are created and passed, and anti-space policies and legislation are defeated.  While predominately U.S.-focused, the PAN will also be active around the world, wherever and whenever nations address space issues of interest to the NSS.

The PAN consists of the NSS Web Site, email alerts, and Phone Tree alerts.  When urgent political or legislative space issues arise (typically not more than monthly), NSS will send out to all PAN participants an alert message by email that will summarize the issue and include a link to the Web site for more information.  NSS will then activate the Phone Tree.

If you choose to be a PASSIVE part of the NSS Phone Tree, you will receive a short telephone call or message notifying you of the space issue and instruct you to check your email for the sent message.

If you choose to be an ACTIVE part of the NSS Phone Tree, your phone call/message will also instruct you to quickly call your assigned NSS members.  Depending on your desire and abilities, you will make local or long distance telephone calls to 3-10 other Phone Tree participants.

There is no additional membership fee to be part of the PAN or Phone Tree.  PAN alerts are sent by email and thus are free.  Phone Tree alerts are obviously sent by telephone and thus may result in an expense if you receive the call via a mobile device that charges for minutes during certain times of the day.  Such expenses are not normally reimbursed, nor would the travel expenses associated with participating in a political action activity such as the Legislative Blitz in Washington, D.C.  Some expenses can be claimed as tax-deductible contributions where applicable.