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About the NSS Automated Annual Renewal Program

We know that you are committed in your support of NSS.  We also know that you are busy.  So we invite you to renew your annual NSS membership automatically.  Enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted membership service, without the need for receiving and responding to our renewal emails and letters.

Your enrollment in the NSS Automated Annual Renewal Program authorizes us to charge your credit card account each year for the amount of your annual dues.  This will occur during the month of your membership's expiration date.  You will be charged automatically at your selected Membership Renewal Level, unless you change it beforehand.

Before your credit card is automatically charged, we will contact you via email to let you know that a charge on your card will take place shortly, and to give you an opportunity to update any old information about your credit card, to change your membership renewal level, or to cancel your participation in the program.

You may also cancel your participation in this program at any time by contacting NSS Headquarters via email at or call us at (202) 429-1600.  Charges will terminate 30 days from when written notification is received.

If your credit card is expired, lost, or stolen, please notify NSS immediately providing a new credit card number and expiration date.  NSS reserves the right to raise renewal rates, including automatic renewals, at any time.  All members will be notified prior to charging their credit card.