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NSS Membership Form for NASA Federal Credit Union Candidates
Use this form ONLY if you are joining NSS in order to qualify for membership with the NASA Federal Credit Union (e.g., for a car loan).  Per their request, an email message will be automatically sent to the NASA FCU, notifying them of you joining NSS.  Only your name and contact information will be sent to NASA FCU --- not your membership level, payment method, or other NSS-specific information.
If you are joining the NSS for reasons not related to NASA FCU, please use our regular NSS Membership Form
Fields marked with a red asterisk * are required.  Enter "n/a" for fields that do not apply.
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Section I – Membership Information

All memberships below include subscriptions to both the Print (paper) version and Digital (online)
version of Ad Astra magazine, plus a subscription to our email newsletter: Ad Astra Downlink.
  (renewal prices range from $25 to $55)
or select one of our supporter levels to help NSS fund its activities:

  of Ad Astra magazine --- apply the cost savings to the mission.
Other information or questions:

Section II – New Member Information

 Formal Title:       Formal Suffix (if any):  
*First Name(s):     *Last Name:  
Please provide an email address to receive confirmation, plus our email newsletter: Ad Astra Downlink.
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Section III – Payment Information

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NSS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Contributions to NSS are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The portion of Membership Dues above $12.50 ($9.00 for Digital-only) can be considered a donation for tax purposes.


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