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Silent Power

Silent Power

Forthcoming book by the Space Solar Power Workshop at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Available draft chapters are co-hosted here. For more information, see the Space Solar Power Workshop website.

Part 1: Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide Levels

  • Chapter 1 - Climate Change: Nutritional Impacts, 12 pages [PDF 93kb]
  • Chapter 2 - Climate Change: Weather Impacts, 37 pages [PDF 535kb]

Part 2: The Keys to Space Solar Power

  • Introduction, 3 pages [PDF 13kb]
  • Chapter 5 - Space Transportation, 50 pages [PDF 1MB]
  • Chapter 6 - Photovoltaics (Solar Cells), 28 pages [PDF 490kb]
  • Chapter 7 - Wireless Power Transfer, 43 pages [890kb]

Part 3: Making It Happen

  • Chapter 10 - Draft Legislation to Charter a Sunsat Corporation, 31 pages [PDF 400kb]

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