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See also ESA video on Solar Power Satellites (5 min)

2006: Ongaro, F. and Summerer, L., Peter Glaser Lecture: Space And a Sustainable 21St Century Energy System, 57th International Astronautical Congress, Valencia, Spain. 7 pages.

2005: Blandow, V., Schmidt, P., Weindorf, W., Zerta, M., Zittel, W, Bernasconi, M., Collins, P., Nordmann, Th., Vontobel, Th., and Guillet, J., Earth and space based power generation systems - a fair comparison for long-term sustainable energy supply, European Space Agency, GSP (17682/03/NL/EC). 439 pages. 16 megabyte PDF.

2005: Summerer, L. and Ongaro, F., Advanced Space Technology for 21st Century Energy Systems: Solar Power from Space, RAST05, Istanbul, pp.16-23, 8 pages.

2004: Hendriks, C., Geurder, N., Viebahn, P., Steinsiek, F., and Spies, J., Executive Summary: Solar Power from Space - European Strategy in the Light of Sustainable Development, European Space Agency, GSP (17615/03/NL/EC), 22 pages.

2004: Robinson, T. R., Yeoman, T. K., and Dhillon, R. S., Environmental impacts of high power density microwave beams on different atmospheric layers, European Space Agency, the Advanced Concepts Team, Ariadna Final Report (03-9102). 28 pages.

2004: Cougnet, C., Sein, E., Loche, D., and Celeste, A., , European space="Space" agency,="Agency," gsp="GSP" (17761/03/NL/MV), executive="Executive" summary,="Summary," 24 pages.="pages."">Solar Power Satellites - A remote power source for space exploration and applications ("REPOSE"), European Space Agency, GSP (17761/03/NL/MV), Executive Summary, 24 pages.

2004: Summerer, L. and Pignolet, G., SPS European Views: Environment and Health, URSI, Pisa (I). 3 pages.

2004: Cougnet, C., Sein, E., Celeste, A., and Summerer, L., Solar Power Satellites for Space Applications, 55th International Astronautical Congress, Vancouver, Canada, 8 pages.

2004: Summerer, L., Ayre, M., Gálvez, A., Ongaro, F., and Vasile, M., Roles of Solar Power from Space for Europe: Space Exploration and Combinations with Terrestrial Solar Power Plant Concepts, 55th International Astronautical Congress, Vancouver, Canada, 9 pages.

2004: Summerer, L. and Ongaro, F., Solar power from space - Validation of options for Europe, SPS'04, 10 pages.

2004: Summerer, L., Vasile, M., and Ongaro, F., Assessment of an integrated space-terrestrial, solar-based Euro-Asian energy system, ISTS 2004-r-39, Miyazaki, Japan, 3 pages.

2003: Achilléas, Ph., Marescaux, E., and Crapart, L., Legal Aspects of Solar Power Satellites, European Space Agency, the Advanced Concepts Team, Ariadna Final Report (GSP-02/02/L91), 57 pages.

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2003: Summerer, L., Vasile, M., Biesbroek, R., and Ongaro, F., Space and Ground Based Large Scale Solar Power Plants - A European Perspective, IAC-03/R.1.09, 11 pages.

2003: Summerer, L., Solar Power Satellites - European Approach, Proceedings Japanese Solar Power Conference, Kobe (J), 7 pages.

2003: Summerer, L. and Lang, M., Solar Power From Space - An Energy Source Meeting the Demand of a Hydrogen-based Society, Proceedings EHEC03 Grenoble, 9 pages.

2003: Crapart, L., Achilléas, Ph., Farand, A., Marescaux, E., and Summerer, L., Legal Aspects of Solar Power Satellites, AC-03-IISL.1.15, 4 pages.

2002: Summerer, L., Ongaro, F., Vasile, M., and Gálvez, A., Prospects for Space Power Work in Europe, Acta Astronautica, 53, pp.571-575, 5 pages.

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