If you had a Java-enabled (4.x or better) browser you'd see a rotating space settlement here.

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About RingWorld

This is a simulation of a rotating space settlement without gravity. The only forces influencing the objects in it are the rotation of the ring. The black squares are buildings up to six storys tall (20m on each side.) The balls are artificially large (the size of hot-air balloons) so they can be grabbed. Objects in free fall travel in a straight line, even if it does not appear that way. Press "Jump" and see for yourself.
r = radius of the RingWorld (meters)
g = apparent gravity at the surface of the ring
v = velocity of ring at the surface (meters/second)
t = period of rotation (seconds)

How to Use

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This applet requires Java 1.1, and most 4.x browsers do only a fair job of running applets. Therefore this applet will probably behave differently on different systems. I've made my best attempt at getting this to run on various systems, but there will always be some differences. If you have problems, find bugs, or have suggestions, please send email to dwhitney@cs.stanford.edu.
Please include what machine, browser, and version of Java you are running on, and include the Java console log if you can (under the Communicator:Tools menu).
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