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  • The Artemis Project to establish a self-sufficient lunar colony.
  • Issac Asimov on space settlements.
  • Cygo Space Initiative. CYGO's Space Initiative has to do with planning and deliberate action towards mining near earth asteroids, molding and casting of interlocking pieces, assembly of private interconnectable space vehicles, assembly of space platforms in various configurations (incl. settlements and quarters for residents and tourists) and assisting in the setting up of new commercial and industrial operations in space.
  • BIO-Plex Information Exchange. NASA Ames Research Center In-House LIfe Support Technology Review Databook.
  • Biosphere 2 was able to support 8 people for two years in a (almost) materially closed system, although many problems were encountered. Such closed systems are essential for space colonization.
  • Burning the Cosmic Commons: Evolutionary Strategies for Interstellar Colonization.[PDF file] A paper by Robin Hanson
  • Mike Combs' Space Settlement FAQ.
  • Mike Combs' space settlement page.
  • dedicated to the proposition that the colonization of outer space is critical for the long term survival of the human species, and that colonization of the moon and the exploitation of the moon's natural resources is one of the very best first steps in that incredible journey off planet.
  • Adaptation of Stereolithography to the In-Situ Construction of Lunar Basalt Structures A novel method of basalt casting with applications towards semi-autonomous robotic processing is presented by William Clawson.
  • First Millennial Foundation.
  • P.E.R.M.A.N.E.N.T. the Projects to Employ Resources of the Moon and Asteroids Near Earth in the Near Term.
  • Space ColonyH. Try this psychologically-based, problem-solving leadership game set in space.
  • The Space Frontier Foundation.
  • Space Studies Institue. This organization hosts a space settlement conference every two years.
  • National Space Society. Join the vision and put Space in your future.
  • Space Future for everyone who wants to go to space.
  • Spacesettlers. "Space Settlers" is the group for people who think that space settlements - huge rotating orbital habitats, or space cities - are a better option for human colonization in space than planetary colonization and terraforming. If you agree with this idea, come and discuss with us the better ways to make it a reality someday. If you don't agree, come and expose what you think are the weak points of that idea. Everyone who thinks that space colonization is the next great step for Humanity is welcome! Join the email group.


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