Space Settlement Design Contest 2008 Results


This year we received 156 submissions from 840 students sponsored by 74 teachers. Entries came from Bulgaria, Canada, China, India, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia and Uruguay. U.S. entries were received from 10 states: California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota and Utah.


Grand Prize

The Grand Prize winning submission for 2008 went to Alexandru Babeanu, Adela Capilnasiu, Claudiu Cherciu, Sevda Memet, Iren Resit and Daiana Toporau for their research project DACIA'S [link is to 6.8 MB PDF file].

The award winners are students of Ion Bararu from the Colegiul National "Mircea cel Batran," located in Constanta, Romania.

Video presenting spaceships coming and leaving the settlement; rendered in 3ds Max:

Congratulations to all of this year's participants for such outstanding research projects. This year the 10-12th grade team category was extraordinarily competitive. Many of those who receive an Honorable Mention would have won the Grand Prize only a few years ago.

Note: for the rest of the prizes there were individual, team (consisting of 2-6 students) and large group awards for two groups: 6-9th grade and 10-12th grade. Team names are listed by submission.

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Honorable Mention:


These teachers involved their classes in the contest:


Special thanks to Ruth Globus and Wenonah Vercoutere at NASA Ames Research Center for supporting this educational activity.

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