First of all we wish to thank NASA for offering students worldwide the opportunity to challenge their imagination and knowledge in trying to discover and understand the greatness of the Universe.


The teachers who helped us in elaborating this project are:


- Prof. Bararu Ion, physics teacher at “Mircea cel Batrân High School” Constantza, head of the “Regional Center of Exelence”, who trusted our initiative, helped us with references and suggestions;

- Prof. Costea Adriana, mathematics teacher at “Ovidius High School” Constantza, for advice in mathematics.

-Prof. Vieriu Constantin, retired physics teacher, for encouraging us and sharing his passion for space exploration


We also thank Luca Oana Raluca and Mandes Leonard for sharing some of their ideas and knowledge and Bararu Raluca for 3D graphic advising and suggestions.


Last but not least we wish to thank our parents for morally sustaining us during the hard work involved in the project.


We gratefuly thank God for guiding us through the difficult still chalenging conceiving of this project.






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