Space Settlement Design Contest 2000 Results


This year we received 151 submissions from 569 students and 31 teachers. Entries came from Austria, Canada, Ireland, Macedonia and the United States. Submissions came from 18 U.S. states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachussetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington and Wisconsin.

Note: Award winner tour scheduled for Monday June 19, 2000. Meet at Visitor Center at 9:00 am. See area maps for location and directions.


Grand Prize

The grand prize went to Mark Cummins, Lorraine Murphy, Stuart Redmond, Alison Squire and Cian Wilson for Daedalusal 4. These students are 12th graders at Blackrock College, (a high school) and St. Joseph of Cluny School in Dublin, Ireland. Congratulations!

Note: for the rest of the prizes there were individual, team/small group (consisting of 2-6 students) and large group (from 7-35 students) awards for two groups: 6-9th grade and 10-12th grade. Team members are listed by submission. There were a number of ties. The quantity and quality of artwork submitted this year enabled us to offer a new division based on artistic merit.

Student Art Gallery

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Honorable Mention:


These teachers involved their classes in the contest:


Special thanks to Ken Souza at NASA Ames Research Center for supporting this educational activity. Thanks also to Alex Woo for contributing the teacher awards.

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 Author: Bryan Yager