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Gallery for NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement
International Student Art Contest (2017)

All art on these pages is copyrighted by the individual artists and may not be used without the artist's specific permission.

Following are the other entries in the 2017 NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest.


Weaire Phelan Space Settlement Construction
by Alexandru Pintea
10th Grade, Cluj, Romania

Description: Astronauts work on assembling the modules of the new Weaire Phelan space settlement. They also verify the modules, including the docking and transportation module (on the left side) to perfectly fit into the final shape of the settlement. The entire project of the Weaire Phelan space settlement was sent to the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest 2017. Tools used: Blender.


Robots at Work
by Kirti Yadhav Jr.
9th Grade, Maharashtra, India

Description: I want to show in my painting that our future will be bright. Our technology is increasing day by day. In my painting I show that in our future robots will understand feelings and emotions and will help humans. Humans and robots will understand the value of plants, trees and the environment. And girls will have more freedom and they can do anything like dancing and girls will be ahead all the time and they will be on top. Tools Used: Water colors, pencil, sketch.


In Front of the Red Planet
by Nisha K. Harish
10th Grade, Narayana e-Techno School, Marathahalli, Bangalore, India

Description: Astronauts enjoying the view from a Martian moon. Tools Used: Water colors, plastic crayons, sketch pens.


Artificial Ecosystem
by Yagnesh Chekkla
9th Grade, Narayana Olympiad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Description: My work of art depicts the pleasure of the astronaut who spending his time enjoying fishing in an artificial ecosystem in a lunar settlement where a whole lot of mundane work is done using artificial intelligence. Tools Used: Oil pastels and charcoal pencils.


People Living and Working in Space Settlement
by Tarush Kumar
Age 14, Bihar/Jharkand, India

Description: A young person visiting space where humans already settled and are living. He took a self-made satellite to send pictures of the settlemnt to his head office. Tools Used: Pencil and poster colors.


Growing Medicinal Plants in Space
by Mudiraj Kumar
10th Grade, Triveni School, Chintal Branch, Hyderabad, India

Description: My art represents residential torus living. It depicts luxurious houses and comfortable living, parks and transportation, and the daily life of people. It is a laboratory and research center, being the first step in colonizing space. The habitat has two airlocks incorporated. It also features an agricultural section, a research center and the residential area. People can grow medicinal plants, agricultural plants, and different fruit plants through hydroponics. Tools Used: Poster colors, water colors, marker pen, sketch color pens.


People Living and Working in Space Settlements
by Sahithi Koride
8th Grade, Narayana E-Techno Schoo, Hyerabad, India

Description: People here are mining minerals and ores to keep their space settlements surviving. Tools Used: Pencil, crayons.


People on Mars
by Priyanshu Rani
8th Grade, Bihar/Jharkand, India

Description: People on Mars searching for life on Mars. Tools Used: Color pencil.


People inside a Space Colony
by Shriyan G
10th Grade, Sri Chaitanya International School, Vijayawada, India

Description: My picture depicts the life style of people inside a space colony. Tools Used: Paint, Photoshop.


Ashva Medha Skating Center
by Geetaanjali GNS
10th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: Ashva Medha Skating Center is constructed on Mars with atmospheric protection layer inside a spherical glass sports area. Two girls are practicing roller skating. We see a view of the Martian surface and one of its moons. Tools Used: Oil paint, pencil.


Admiring the World from Nirvana Settlement
by Aditi Garg
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: This picture depicts a scientist admiring the Earth and outer surface of Nirvana space colony. She is researching for a location to construct a new space settlement. Tools Used: Fabric paint, color paint, black chart.


The Future of Mars
by Simran Shura Jr.
8th Grade, Chirst Church Girl's Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur, India

Description: I have tried to highlight the future of Mars. It is time to settle humans with their families and pets successfully using resources available on Mars. Tools Used: Water colors, pencil colors, and Adobe Photoshop.


Ad Astra
by Nanditha R
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: This art shows a depiction of the cross section of a toroidal settlement which is located in low Earth orbit with a view of the Moon. There is a man working on his laptop and a mother nursing her child. There is a swimming pool which offers radiation shielding. A boy is swimming in the pool. Tools Used: Color pencils, paints and sketches.


The Navodayam Settlement
by Sai Niharika Garimella
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: This art depicts that when geothermal activities engulfed the Earth, human settlement shifted to Mars. Everything is rebuilt from transportation, communication, agriculture and residential colonies. This picture shows people are working on agriculture inside an artificial atmospheric layer. Tools Used: Water color pencils.


Interior of Excellence Space Settlement
by Madhumita Ramesh
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: This picture shows the interior of the space settlement where an injured lady looks out of a massive window which shows the construction of the space settlement orbiting Saturn. A medical robot has just tended her. Tools Used: Water paint, plastic crayons, oil pastel, black marker, white color pencil.


Manufacturing Medicine in Space Colony
by Bhavana Y
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: Treatment with medicinal plants can have less side effects. In space colonies we need to secure the people's life and health and would prefer a system with the least side effects. Medicinal plants are considered a rich resource of ingredients which can be used in drugs. Tools Used: 3dx Max, Adobe Photoshop, Paint.


Research Laboratory on Mars
by Lija Bhar
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: My painting depicts a research center, linked with centers on Earth, working on the human nervous system. Robots do some of the repetitive work. Tools Used: Poster colors, crayons, color pencis, sketch pen, and paint brush.


Hospital with Modern Technology
by Ratna Bojja
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: My painting represents the interior of a modernized hospital room in a space settlement at the L-5 Libration point. The “window” is a screen through with doctors instruct the robots and which provides a wider view of the space colony. Tools Used: Water colors, plastic crayons.


First Eye Hospital in Orbital Space Settlement
by Chandana GB
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: This art depicts the first eye check up in a space colony. Through the window we can see a vast view of the colony apartments and aeroponic gardens. Transportation is on a road using magnetic levitation. At upper left is a telecast about the successful first eye exam in a space colony. Tools Used: Fabric paints, color pencils.


Space Care
by Anushka Hebbar
9th Grade, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Uttarahalli, India

Description: This portrait depicts the treatment of an injured patient in a hospital located in a space settlement. A highly advanced computerized laboratory aids in diagnosing and comfortably treating patients. Telemedicine has accentuated the growth of the medical field, wherein highly specialized doctors help with the treatment from Earth. Tools Used: Color pencils and crayons.


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