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Gallery for NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement
International Student Art Contest (2015)

All art on these pages is copyrighted by the individual artists and may not be used without the artist's specific permission.

The following entries were accepted into the 2015 NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest. Many of them did not technically meet this year's contest requirement for realism but were nevertheless accepted into the contest because they depicted a space settlement at an age-appropriate level of skill.

Euxinus Space Settlement
by Matei Ioan Popovici
Age 17, High School, Constanta, Romania

Description: An inhabitant of Euxinus is looking at the Interplanetary Spaceship which has just begun its trip to Mars. Euxinus is located in the Earth-Moon system Lagrange L4 point. The inhabitants enjoy various entertainment activities, one of them being to admire outer space in the proximity of the settlement, using a jet pack. As the long trip to Mars would have negative health effects on the human body, the Interplanetary Spaceship facilitates the journey between Euxinus and Mars by creating pseudogravity by rotation. Tools Used: Autodesk 3Ds Max 2014 and Photoshop CS6. Also, creativity and knowledge of space exploration played a major role in creating this artwork.

Metaterra: Inception
by Sergiu-Stefan Silivestru
Age 16, 10th Grade, Medgidia, Romania

Description: The settlement design is based on the basic atomic layout, due to the high adaptability and practicability it offers. The construction starts with 3 basic rounded rectangles, made entirely out of carbon nanotubes. After the core of our settlement is completed, a couple of engines working on compressed air will set it in a spinning motion, generating the gravitational field required to keep the next components afloat and orbiting around it. Tools Used: 3Ds Max 2015 with V-ray 3.0 and Photoshop CC.

Base Camp
Base Camp at Moon
by Prakhar Sharma
Age 14, 8th Grade, New Delhi, India

Description: People who went to the Moon can be seen setting up their camp. Tools Used: Poster colors, oil pastels, pencil colors and sketch pens are used in my painting.

Celestial Escapade
Celestial Escapade
by Shubhi Singh
Age 17, 11th Grade, Uttar Pradesh, India

Description: The illustration depicts a life devoid of earthly hassles wherein the subject transcends into space, beyond the planet Earth into an orbital settlement which has ultramodern technology. The inhabitants in this realm are equipped to live life at a scintillating pace with the help of simulators, which help them fly from one spot to the other. The picture reflects the leisure time of the inhabitants and the various means of entertainment. Tools Used: A pencil, eraser, cartridge sheet, oil pastels, poster colors, markers and pencil colors were used to make this painting. Based in part on an illustration from NASA SP-413 Space Resources and Space Settlements.

Mars Living
Lively Living
by Shubhangi Saxena
Age 16, 11th Grade, New Dehli, India

Description: A set of huge challenges both technological and economic have been transcended. The artist here envisions a settlement wherein the living and working of humans is as close as possible to that on Earth, depicting an agrarian lifestyle coupled with technological progress. Tools Used: A pencil, eraser, cartridge sheet, oil pastels, poster colors, markers and pencil colors were used to make this painting.

Heavenly Abode
Heavenly Abode
by Manvi Jain
Age 13, 8th Grade, New Delhi, India

Description: There is nothing that humans cannot make possible because even Impossible says, I M possible. This picture depicts harmonious relations established between Earth and Mars. Humans have deployed manpower and machinery on Mars and are making optimum use of the potential resources there. It portrays technological harmony established by Man. Tools Used: A pencil, eraser, cartridge sheet, oil pastels, poster colors, markers and pencil colors were used to make this painting.

United States of Mars
United States of Mars
by Shreya Duggal
Age 14, 8th Grade, Gurgaon, India

Description: I have created a settlement on Mars. It contains a settlement of people on the surface and a settlement of people above Mars in a tunnel-like structure. I took the idea of the tunnel from the NASA website. I named the whole settlement on Mars as the United States of Mars (USM). I have tried to create a scene of how the future settlement will look like. For people who wish to visit Earth from Mars (for people who are already living on Mars) or Mars from Earth, it takes about nine months. Tools Used: pencil, eraser, scale, computer.

Working in Space
Working in the Lonely Space
by Shreya Maheshwari
Age 17, 12th Grade, Gurgaon, India

Description: I have tried to depict scene away from Earth. In the upcoming years, outer space and other planets will eventually be able to bear life. So, the painting depicts the astonished astronaut vividly looking at his surrounding space in amusement. Far away in painting a rocket is taking flight with a streaming plume of pollution, making its way through the space antennas. Tools Used: Soft pastels and crayons have been used. Also, the painting has been fixed with a fixer. Based on a 2008 entry to the NSS Space Settlement Calendar Art Contest.

Working in Space
Working in the Lonely Space
by Jyotishman Shandilya
Age 13, 6th Grade, Gurgaon, India

Description: This is the journey of mankind in which it has the technology to live and work in a very big craft floating in the lonely space. Because of our intelligence and our technology we were able to think of making a spacecraft and work in space, take samples of matter from the universe and think of other countless possibilities. But for now this is a very big achievement in itself. By researching the planets behavior we have been able to simulate its surroundings inside the craft. Tools Used: Pencil, eraser, pencil colors.

Wimbledon in Space
Wimbledon in Space
By SreeDharshini K.R.
Age 15, 8th Grade, Trichy (Tiruchirapalli), India

Description: Life and game in space. Every one is wearing oxygen masks. Houses are air tight. Tools Used: A3 size chart, color pencils and crayons.

Life in Space
Life in Space Settlement
by Vithershini R
Age 15, 8th Grade, Trichy (Tiruchirapalli), India

Description: People, plants and houses are with oxygen mask. Small creatures are also there. Space shuttles are used for transport. We will feel as if we are living on Earth. Tools Used: Chart A3 size, poster colors.

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