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Introducing the NSS Space Settlement 2009  Wall Calendar

The National Space Society is proud to present the Space Settlement 2009 calendar.  This amazing, 14x11-inch, full-color wall calendar features twelve original works of art illustrating humanity's future in space, all winners of the Space Settlement 2009 Calendar Art Contest.  Also featured throughout this unique calendar are major space events and conferences planned for 2009, plus information about the space organizations that are hosting them.

The Space Settlement 2009 calendar describes key anniversary dates in the history of the space programs of the world and in the grassroots space advocacy movement.  This calendar also includes phases of the Moon as well as U.S., Canada, and other major international holidays.

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The National Space Society undertook this project as a means of promoting awareness of the benefits to humanity of a spacefaring civilization and to make people aware that they can play a role in creating this future.

Show your support for human space exploration and the National Space Society by ordering your copies of the Space Settlement 2009 calendar today for only $14.95   $7.95   each.

Special Discounted Pricing for May!   Enjoy $7 off retail price now though May 31!

Plus for every two you buy, you get one FREE!  Thus three averages $5.30 each!

Why buy more than one?  So that you can give out or sell the extras to your friends, relatives, co-workers, and local VIPs and leaders in your community, to help promote the space movement as well as NSS.

Any proceeds from the sale of these space calendars (once all expenses are covered) will be used to fund prizes for future calendar art contests and to fund the activities of the NSS and its network of volunteers and local chapters.

The calendar will also be for sale at upcoming events sponsored by NSS, its chapters, and other space organizations.

Buy Your NSS Space Settlement 2009 Calendar Now!

A future with space settlement is vastly better than one without it!

See also the 2009 Calendar Art Contest Gallery

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