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Space Is Our Future

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Space Is Our Future Part 3: What’s Next in Space? (2:32)

The National Space Society (NSS) is conducting a campaign to explain the importance and wonder of space exploration and development. The objective of the “Space Is Our Future” campaign is to reach out to a wide range of communities who want to know more about why we are passionately excited about our future as a spacefaring civilization. To support this campaign, NSS conducted a Kickstarter project to produce a short, compelling video that explains the great things we can do in space, and why they matter, focusing on the exciting new opportunities that are now appearing. The video includes interviews with a wide range of space proponents, from artists to astronauts, scientists to students, engineers to entrepreneurs. They all explain, in their own words, why space is important to them and to humanity, and how everyone can be involved. Their passion is evident, and typifies NSS’s commitment. The video is intended to be used with a wide range of audiences, from students to investors, civic groups and Congressional representatives, and explains why Space Is Our Future.

The video consists of five independent segments or one combined 15-minute piece. You can view each independent segment with the links below, and you can also download each segment or the entire 15-minute video. The videos are in 720p high definition MOV file format.

Space Is Our Future Part 1: Why Space? (3:52) - View - Download (168 MB)

Space Is Our Future Part 2: Inspiration (2:26) - View - Download (102 MB)

Space Is Our Future Part 3: What’s Next in Space? (2:32) - View above - Download (112 MB)

Space Is Our Future Part 4: Careers in Space (3:10) - View - Download (137 MB)

Space Is Our Future Part 5: Our Destiny in Space (2:39) - View - Download (113 MB)

Space Is Our Future Full Video: (15:15) - View - Download (650 MB)



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