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Reaching for the High Frontier Reaching for the High Frontier

The American Pro-Space Movement

by Michael A. G. Michaud

Copyright 1986 by Praeger Publishers and reproduced with permission of Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., Westport, CT. Read complete book here or buy from Amazon.

Table of Contents


Front Matter


Chapter 1. The Space Dream: Realized, Threatened

Chapter 2. Conventional Responses

Chapter 3. The Beginnings of the New Space Movement

Chapter 4. The Big Idea

Chapter 5. O'Neill's Children

Chapter 6. The New Demographics of Space

Chapter 7. Science Fiction, Science Fact, and Space

Chapter 8. The Space Group Boom

Chapter 9. Organizing for Politics


Chapter 10. Scientists, Citizens, and Space

Chapter 11. Eagles and Doves

Chapter 12. Space Commercialization and the New Entrepreneurs

Chapter 13. The Space Station Decision


Chapter 14. Conclusion

Chapter 15. Epilogue and Future

End Matter

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