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Please excuse me for not reading all of the messages in this thread before I 
respond.  I have not seen Simberg's blog in a while and have never seen 
Reynolds'.  Arthur does raise important considerations here for our discussion.  We 
are a diverse society with a unifying goal of space settlement.  Partisan 
agendas are potentially very dangerous to our central goal.  Let us be mindful not 
to loose sight of that.  This is a factor to bring to the table in future 
discussions and negotiations with Rand and Glenn.  If they are hard-set toward 
maintaining their partisan agendas (as many passionate people tend to be (and 
that is ok for their purposes)) our relationship with their blogs may have to be 
more indirect.  Maybe we can share links, cross references, and some common 
discussion themes/threads.  Would that absolve us from their partisanship and 
allow us to work with them?  I do not know at this time.  We should at least 
open a channel of dialog to explore what the potentials could be in these 
respects.  Of course this 'shared resource' approach does seem to beg independent 
blog activities on our part.  Should we fail to find sufficient common ground 
with either of them, then maybe we should just establish our own independent 
blog capabilities?  There is much to consider here.

NSS/L5 is an organization which once had both Senator Barry Goldwater and LSD 
advocate Timothy Leary on the Board of Directors at the same time.  We need 
to act intelligently when building coalitions involving people of strongly 
divergent political backgrounds  -- but it is nothing new for us.  The key is to 
find people who strongly believe in Space Settlements -- to the point that they 
are willing to overlook other differences.
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