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These are really interesting points!
I knew Rand Simberg had a blog, I have visited it in the past, but I have 
lost my link to it.  I am pleasently suprized to learn that Glenn Reynolds runs 
the 'most visited' blog.  I did not even know that he had a blog!  Glenn is a 
good guy who got bounced pretty hard in a previous NSS Board war.  He may have 
been a touch aloof (or just really busy), but I admired the way he ran the NSS 
Executive Committee meetings.  Glenn has a lot to offer to the society if we 
can manage to pull him back into the fold.  Maybe cooperating with him via his 
blog would be a way of rebuilding a bridge burnt years ago, but I do 
The important point here is our renewed thrust to promote space settlement.  
This is the loftiest and most important goal our society can aspire toward.  
It is the key to the survival and prosperity of humanity.  Our stand on this is 
one thing that sets NSS apart from other space societies.  This is the source 
of the cultural roots of NSS, and the fruit we can offer to the future.  We 
must do everything humanly possible to advance this hopeful vision for the 
future of all humanity.
Yeah, yeah -- OK, I'll cut the sap.  Would someone please forward links to 
these blogs to the rest of us?  We should activly pursue this.
I talked to George earlier today about the idea of using the LA 2006 ISDC to 
start building a crescendo of voices calling for the settlement of space.  If 
we can get some of the celebrities attending the ISDC to make public 
pronouncements in support of the case for space settlements we will have initiated the 
buzz.  It should be our goal to have bigger name celebrities add their voice 
to this cause over the year.  People like Hugh Downs and especially Tom Hanks 
could really add a lot to this in the following months.  The key is to use big 
names like to draw media attention to the cause and bring it into public 
consciousness.  We could use the ISDC as a kick-off for that drive.
Well those are my immediate late hour thoughts!
Ad Astra!
Greg Allison

The Simberg and Reynolds blogs are at transterrestrial.com and 
Glennreynolds.com respectively. For future reference, a simple internet search on names of 
these people will quickly get you to the blogs.
I strongly agree that we should use the ISDC to push Space Settlements.  Your 
celebrity idea is a good one.  In addition we have the following in the 
works:  A Space Settlement Summit of the leaders of the Space Settlement oriented 
space groups (exactly what will be done at the Summit is still fluid), 
potential announcements by and/or meetings of the Council For A Positive Future, 
presentation of an award to a winner of the NASA Ames Space Settlement Student 
Design Contest, and the SSI two day, one track mini conference embedded in our 
conference.  SSI is publishing the papers in their track and possibly some of the 
relevant papers in the rest of the conference.
The key question is how to make optimal use of all of this as a means of 
promoting our Space Settlement goal.  Any thoughts, particularly concerning PR, 
are welcome.
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