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Mark, George & Josh,

Given the desire to increase our focus on space settlement, and the related
discussion over Ad Astra content, I wanted to propose a couple of ideas that
have been rattling around inside my head for a few days. :-)

Jeremy, you have been doing some serious thinking about the relevant issues 
and that is terrific -- exactly what we need.
In general, you have some excellent ideas, which we should add to those 
suggested by others.  
In my view we need to move forward intelligently.  This means exploiting the 
best ideas first and taking into account the relevant costs in terms of both 
money and volunteer time.  Most of the cost of your ideas is in terms of 
volunteer time.
Let me add a couple of points relevant to the issues that you and Marianne 
1.  I have already talked with David Livingston of the Space Show.  He is 
interested in the general proposition of supporting Space Settlements.
2.  We have a lot of potential for cooperating with others to spread the word 
via blogs.  Rand Simberg, who maintains a major blog is interested in 
helping.  In addition the most visited blog on the net (according to Rand) is run by 
Glenn Reynolds.  Glenn is a former CEO of NSS.  I have not spoken to him thus 
far, but I suspect that some cooperative arrangement could be worked out.
3.  Question:  How can we best utilize the Simberg and Reynolds blogs?
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