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Perhaps we could talk to David about putting a podcast of his show on Ad Astra Online and nss.org.
  Probably win-win, as long as its set up the right way.

Marianne <mjdyson at swbell.net> wrote:  I know you all are aware of The Space Show. I'd hate for us to compete
directly with his show - and it is really a great show. Rather than reinvent
the wheel, why don't we look into combining forces (and audiences) and do
the blog/podcast in cooperation with The Space Show? We could use quotes and
questions from the interviews as content for the blog. I have no objection
to a separate space settlement blog, but unless we have a horde of
volunteers who are anxious to commit to maintaining a blog and doing a
podcast every week for the rest of their lives, I think we should seriously
consider working with someone who is already doing it.


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> Mark, George & Josh,
> Given the desire to increase our focus on space settlement, and the
> related discussion over Ad Astra content, I wanted to propose a couple of
> ideas that have been rattling around inside my head for a few days. :-)
> 1) First, get NSS Downlink on a more regular schedule, perhaps timed to
> go out at the FIRST of each month.  We can put systems in place
> (procedures, automated reminders, guilt, etc.) to ensure we hit that mark.
> Then, FOCUS Downlink content on NSS news ONLY. Specifically, use Downlink
> to give chapters a voice, update members as to what projects NSS is
> working on, and SELL them on new projects that need volunteers and/or
> funding.
> 2) Second, schedule an additional e-newsletter that focuses SOLELY on
> space settlement news and info for the 15th of every month.  This would
> include the latest news relevant to space settlement, editorials, board
> member profiles/Q&As, etc. This wouldn't have to be as long as Downlink,
> although occasionally it might even be longer. This gives us a good
> opportunity to solicit content and articles from our lonely writers out
> there.
> 3) Third, launch a stand-alone BLOG focused on space settlement.  Blogs
> usually have a catchy name, so I propose we call it "SettleSpace."  I just
> checked and the domain is available. (Ronnie, can you please purchase it
> for us?  >> settlespace.com) We certainly would BRAND it as NSS' blog, but
> it would technically be a separate site, which I think would increase
> readership, and enable easier promotion in the "blogosphere." SettleSpace
> is where we would post breaking space settlement news and rumors,
> opinions, humor, etc.  Keep it light but make it interesting.  BEST OF
> ALL, this would generate content for the aforementioned space settlement
> e-newsletter, making that task much easier.
> 4) Finally, and this one would take a little more work and technical
> know-how... Organize a WEEKLY podcast on the subject of Space Settlement.
> Podcasts are taking off like a supernova, and the Planetary Society has
> produced one for some time now. Our space settlement podcast would be
> launched once we had our blog up & running for several weeks, giving us an
> established audience right off the bat. Like the blog, we could give it a
> catchy & memorable name, perhaps something as simple as "Space Settlement
> Saturdays."  Unlike other media, podcasts have really taken FULL advantage
> of the viral qualities of the Internet, and a single obscure podcast can
> QUICKLY generate a rabid fan following of thousands of listeners in a
> matter of weeks.  Our podcast could regurgitate news and info from the
> blog, as well as offer "live" interviews with space industry leaders.
> I know this is a lot to digest, but I think #1 & #2 could be undertaken
> immediately with minimal effort. (I can hear you sobbing, Josh...)  :-)
> #3 could be set up in just a couple of weeks, perhaps less.  #4 is
> something we could launch *at* ISDC, perhaps, giving us ample time to
> prepare.
> I look forward to everyone's thoughts and feedback!
> All the best,
> Jeremy 
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