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Jeremy Pyle jeremy at nss.org
Thu Jan 26 16:37:30 EST 2006

Mark, George & Josh,

Given the desire to increase our focus on space settlement, and the related
discussion over Ad Astra content, I wanted to propose a couple of ideas that
have been rattling around inside my head for a few days. :-)

1)	First, get NSS Downlink on a more regular schedule, perhaps timed to
go out at the FIRST of each month.  We can put systems in place (procedures,
automated reminders, guilt, etc.) to ensure we hit that mark. Then, FOCUS
Downlink content on NSS news ONLY. Specifically, use Downlink to give
chapters a voice, update members as to what projects NSS is working on, and
SELL them on new projects that need volunteers and/or funding.
2)	Second, schedule an additional e-newsletter that focuses SOLELY on
space settlement news and info for the 15th of every month.  This would
include the latest news relevant to space settlement, editorials, board
member profiles/Q&As, etc. This wouldn't have to be as long as Downlink,
although occasionally it might even be longer. This gives us a good
opportunity to solicit content and articles from our lonely writers out
3)	Third, launch a stand-alone BLOG focused on space settlement.  Blogs
usually have a catchy name, so I propose we call it "SettleSpace."  I just
checked and the domain is available. (Ronnie, can you please purchase it for
us?  >> settlespace.com) We certainly would BRAND it as NSS' blog, but it
would technically be a separate site, which I think would increase
readership, and enable easier promotion in the "blogosphere." SettleSpace is
where we would post breaking space settlement news and rumors, opinions,
humor, etc.  Keep it light but make it interesting.  BEST OF ALL, this would
generate content for the aforementioned space settlement e-newsletter,
making that task much easier.
4)	Finally, and this one would take a little more work and technical
know-how... Organize a WEEKLY podcast on the subject of Space Settlement.
Podcasts are taking off like a supernova, and the Planetary Society has
produced one for some time now. Our space settlement podcast would be
launched once we had our blog up & running for several weeks, giving us an
established audience right off the bat. Like the blog, we could give it a
catchy & memorable name, perhaps something as simple as "Space Settlement
Saturdays."  Unlike other media, podcasts have really taken FULL advantage
of the viral qualities of the Internet, and a single obscure podcast can
QUICKLY generate a rabid fan following of thousands of listeners in a matter
of weeks.  Our podcast could regurgitate news and info from the blog, as
well as offer "live" interviews with space industry leaders.

I know this is a lot to digest, but I think #1 & #2 could be undertaken
immediately with minimal effort. (I can hear you sobbing, Josh...)  :-)  #3
could be set up in just a couple of weeks, perhaps less.  #4 is something we
could launch *at* ISDC, perhaps, giving us ample time to prepare.

I look forward to everyone's thoughts and feedback!

All the best,

Jeremy L. Pyle
Vice President of Public Affairs
National Space Society
+1 (415) 713-6272
+1 (415) 358-8137 - fax
jeremy at nss.org

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