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Jeremy Pyle jeremy at nss.org
Tue Feb 7 16:52:48 EST 2006

George, Pat, and media team members - I wanted to run a few issues regarding
ISDC media logistics by you, and get your thoughts and feedback.

1.	MEDIA ROOM(S) - Not to sound greedy... but I would like two
designated rooms for media at ISDC. Both should be fairly small (perhaps the
two smallest spaces available) and preferably adjacent o one another. Here's
a.	The first (the official "Media Room") is for media ONLY, and is a
designated space where they can escape the crowds to quietly work on
stories, do background research, etc.  It should *ideally* have a couple of
phones, a couple of Ethernet wire connections for Internet access (for those
without wireless), and beverages & snacks. Happy media equals better
coverage. :-)
b.	The second media room will be designated for media interviews, and
is especially important for broadcast media. They need a quiet place where
they can conduct interviews of executives without interruptions or
background noise. This would be a great place to hang some colorful space
art and NSS/TPS logo backgrounds (similar to that logo-covered wallpaper you
see behind actors as they walk down the red carpet at the Oscars...)  This
acts as "insurance" that helps NSS/TPS get publicity and visibility with
every interview.
c.	IF we are short on rooms and reserving TWO rooms for media is *not*
possible, then we can consolidate these two functions in a single,
medium-sized Media Room. I'd like to have two separate spaces (remember we
had more than 75 journalists attend last year...), but I'll understand if
space is at a premium.

2.	MEDIA PARKING - Pat, please ask your planning contact at the
Sheraton what they usually do with respect to media parking. The probably
have a well-established system. But just in case, there are two separate
issues here: 
a.	We need to find out where ordinary media can park their cars. I'd
*prefer* to give them premium or even validated parking so they don't have
to walk as far. As I mentioned, happy media equals better coverage... ;)
I'll understand if this isn't possible, but either way, we'll need to know
the exact location so we can include that on the instructions we send them.
b.	We need to set aside 4 or 5 fairly large parking spaces (and
designate with 'no parking' signs) for TV news vans. These need to be AS
CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the main ballroom, in case the TV station wishes to run
cables from their van to the camera location. (Unlikely, but it occasionally
happens, so good to be prepared.)  Again, we'll need to know the location,
so we can include it on the media alerts we send out.

3.	BALLROOM RISERS & SOUND - This is probably an issue for the A/V
committee, but I wanted to put it on your radar now.  We need a small
elevated riser area (just a foot or two high, perhaps 6' x 15') in the back
of the main ballroom. (Where the major presentations and plenaries are).
This riser is for TV cameras and needs to be centered with respect to the
stage.  It also needs special audio hook-ups (called "MULT-boxes") that the
TV cameras can hook into. This ensures they receive quality sound from the
stage without running wires and microphones all around. Again, I can discuss
all of the technical details with the A/V people, but I just want to stress
how absolutely critical this is for obtaining first-class media coverage.
:-) Thank you!!

There will certainly be more issues ahead, but this is a solid start for
now.  I look forward to everyone's thoughts & ideas!


Jeremy L. Pyle
Vice President of Public Affairs
National Space Society
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jeremy at nss.org

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