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Tue May 9 16:27:02 EDT 2006

Hi George & Pat,

Congrats to you and Pat on a great conference. As you knew, I wasn't able to 
be there Thursday and Friday as I was a guest at Lockheed's Space Day event in 
DC during the week. I was, however able to mount a highly successful Space 
Day event at Windsor Hills Aerospace Magnet E. S. in Baldwin Hills on May 2nd 
before heading out to DC.

Meanwhile, our pre-college Space Ed. Track Saturday & Sunday was very well 
attended; Sunday drew upwards of 30 activists and teachers eager to discover 
what's out there to inspire students. Reps from government, industry and us 
independent space educators vowed to seek to create a clearinghouse for all of the 
numerous worthwhile programs that exist but are largely unknown to parents and 

Dean Davis and I thanked you two in absentia for letting us do the track and 
managing things. I wanted to write you and let you guys know just how 
important it was for all of those who attended. The networking and fellowship 
continued long past 6 PM as hotel personal pushed us stragglers out. Many continued at 
the bar past 7 PM. My conversations lasted past 8!  Many we can do this again 

Ivor Dawson
Pre-college Space Ed. Co-chair   
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