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Tue May 9 07:47:38 EDT 2006

To the entire organizing committee of ISDC 2006:
  We did it!!
  What a fantastic success.  When the dust cleared, this group put  together the best attended ISDC in the 25 year history of the  event.  We exceeded our goals in nearly every respect, from  speakers to income to attendees to exhibitors.  You all deserve to  be very proud of what you accomplished.
  I will not soon forget many of the special moments of the  conference:  Rutan's luncheon speech.  Tyson's dinner  talk.  Shana Dale's keynote announcing the biggest Centennial  Challenge yet.  The ORBIT Awards.  The international lunar  exploration track.  The space art program.  Elon Musk giving  a personal tour of his facility at SpaceX.  And many, many, many  more.  
  But what I will most remember is how many attendees came up and said  what a great experience they had had. That is the true metric of  success -- you inspired over 1300 people with new information and new  perspectives on the world of space.  And you did it with  organization, with courtesy, and with passion.
  I am most grateful for the fantastic experience it has been to work  with this group.  It was a blast.  What a terrific  group.  Hard-working, pleasant to hang out with, and dedicated to  the cause.  Thank you for giving up your Sundays for months, and  for buckling down in the final weeks when the chips were down.  It  paid off, tenfold.
  And let me say a special thanks to all the team members from the  Planetary Society.  I was tremendously impressed with your  organization and commitment, and it was truly a fun experience to work  with you all.  Bruce, please pass along our deepest gratitude to  everyone for making the conference what it was.
  And finally let me send a big thanks to Brett and Katherine on our  staff -- and most of all, to our co-chair Pat Montoure -- for their  dedication to making the conference the success that it was.
  There will be much more to say and communicate over the coming days and  weeks as we close things out, but I wanted to write a short note  immediately to say thanks and CONGRATULATIONS ON A FANTASTIC ISDC!
  With respect -- and Ad Astra!

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