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Add to your list "NSS Logo" or "ISDC '06 Logo" placards/signage
(typically 18"x18" - but check for exact measurements to cover up any
existing Sheraton Gateway signage that may already be on them).  The
placards/signage should also ideally have the www.nss.org
<http://www.nss.org/>  website listed as well.  


These are to be placed on each and every podium in use during


It's cheap product placement for any media cameras that show up, even if
they frame a speaker tight.  


Besides, we're not the Sheraton Gateway Space Conference, so there's no
need to be shilling for the host site (which they're counting on with
their podium signs)




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Per discussion on Sunday, I tried to write down all of the ISDC Ops
items that we bought, rented, or borrowed in 2005.  This is probably not
a complete list, but I think it hits all the big ticket items.  I will
send updates if I think of anything more, or find any significant
documents beyond what I already sent you.


Registration PCs - 4 (borrowed from Gary)

Registration Printers - 1 or 2 (borrowed from Gary and/or rented from

Routers/Switches for Registration network connectivity (borrowed from

Cables (borrowed from Gary and/or rented from Dyventive)

Laptops for Programming (i.e. presentations at sessions) - 1 per room,
including tracks AND meeting rooms (rented from Dyventive)

Projectors for Programming - 1 per room, including tracks AND meeting
rooms (rented from Dyventive, note that brightnees required varies with
room size)

Office PCs - 2 (rented from Dyventive)

Office Printer - 1 (rented from Dyventive)

Public Internet PCs - 2 (borrowed from Gary)

Pens & Pencils

Badge Holders (bought?) and Lanyards (sponsor)

Paper - White & colored (for announcements, etc.)

Staplers, paperclips

Radios - We didn't actually manage to get these, but they would have
been useful.  Alternately, make a small laminated card with everyone's
cell number

Volunteer Shirts (bought) Costs money, but looks nice

Boxes - You'll need them!

Power strips (borrowed, rented)

Slide Projector (borrowed)

Projection Screens - 1 per session & meeting room (rented from Dyventive
and borrowed)

VCR/DVD (rented) - Make sure it will work with the projectors!

Bulletin Board / Whiteboard

Push Pins

Notepads, Post-Its

Tape - Scotch, Masking, and Duct

Kids' Program Supplies (construction paper, crayons, markers, etc.)

Storage for hardcopy documents, e.g. file boxes

Sound mixers/amplifiers - 1 per session room (rented - beware of
compatibility with hotel infrastructure, or else you'll have to bring

Microphones - 1 per room, but one per speaker for panel sessions (They
do NOT like having to pass the mic!  Trust me.) (rented)

Podiums - 1 per room (rented)


I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any questions.



joshpowers at cox.net



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