[ISDC2006] Ops Items for ISDC

Josh Powers joshpowers at cox.net
Tue Mar 28 21:45:33 EST 2006

Per discussion on Sunday, I tried to write down all of the ISDC Ops items
that we bought, rented, or borrowed in 2005.  This is probably not a
complete list, but I think it hits all the big ticket items.  I will send
updates if I think of anything more, or find any significant documents
beyond what I already sent you.
Registration PCs - 4 (borrowed from Gary)
Registration Printers - 1 or 2 (borrowed from Gary and/or rented from
Routers/Switches for Registration network connectivity (borrowed from Gary)
Cables (borrowed from Gary and/or rented from Dyventive)
Laptops for Programming (i.e. presentations at sessions) - 1 per room,
including tracks AND meeting rooms (rented from Dyventive)
Projectors for Programming - 1 per room, including tracks AND meeting rooms
(rented from Dyventive, note that brightnees required varies with room size)
Office PCs - 2 (rented from Dyventive)
Office Printer - 1 (rented from Dyventive)
Public Internet PCs - 2 (borrowed from Gary)
Pens & Pencils
Badge Holders (bought?) and Lanyards (sponsor)
Paper - White & colored (for announcements, etc.)
Staplers, paperclips
Radios - We didn't actually manage to get these, but they would have been
useful.  Alternately, make a small laminated card with everyone's cell
Volunteer Shirts (bought) Costs money, but looks nice
Boxes - You'll need them!
Power strips (borrowed, rented)
Slide Projector (borrowed)
Projection Screens - 1 per session & meeting room (rented from Dyventive and
VCR/DVD (rented) - Make sure it will work with the projectors!
Bulletin Board / Whiteboard
Push Pins
Notepads, Post-Its
Tape - Scotch, Masking, and Duct
Kids' Program Supplies (construction paper, crayons, markers, etc.)
Storage for hardcopy documents, e.g. file boxes
Sound mixers/amplifiers - 1 per session room (rented - beware of
compatibility with hotel infrastructure, or else you'll have to bring
Microphones - 1 per room, but one per speaker for panel sessions (They do
NOT like having to pass the mic!  Trust me.) (rented)
Podiums - 1 per room (rented)
I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any questions.
joshpowers at cox.net
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