[ISDC2006] Tour Schedule

Potter, Seth D seth.d.potter at boeing.com
Fri Mar 17 14:02:56 EST 2006

Boeing tour is iffy at this point. I'm trying to work a tour for the
Sunsat meeting and for ISDC, and I have not yet determined if I can do


From: Mirczak, Walter (Space Technology) [mailto:walter.mirczak at ngc.com]

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To: Pat Montoure; isdc 2006
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Subject: [ISDC2006] Tour Schedule

Pat, George et all,
It would be good to get some firmer tour dates / times onto the tour
website page. I am including my best suggestion for a tour schedule. The
biggest unknown is the Vandenberg tour, so I scheduled SpaceX to be sure
we had something that day. No luck in communicating with JPL yet on
switching their tour from Friday and no confirmation from Seth that
Friday morning is okay for the Boeing tour.
Perhaps we can discuss the schedule as part of programming ?
I also need tour leads for each tour.
If we can agree on schedule, I will collect costs early next week.

Walt Mirczak 

Systems Test 
Systems Engineering & Integration 

Phone (310) 813-1757 



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Subject: [ISDC2006] Reminder for our ISDC organizing committee telecon
on Sunday Mar 12, 2006 at 1:00pm Pacific / 4:00pm Eastern time.

We hope to have the grid out by Friday.  In anticipation of this, we are
focusing the Sunday call on Programming.  If your interests lie else
where, you don't have to be on the call. Take a weekend off.  :-) 

Sam C, you requested Derek Webber, co-chair space tourism track to be
put on the ISDC 2006 email list.  I don't have his email address.  Could
you please forward this to him and at the same time cc me, so I will
have his address to add to the list - Thanks

We will set up a separate telecon for things such as operations, hotel,
exhibits, vendors, registration (on site)etc.  

Reminder for our ISDC organizing committee telecon on Sunday Mar 12,
2006 at 1:00pm Pacific / 4:00pm Eastern time. 

Call in: 888-387-8686 
Room code: 6863339#


1. Introductions 
2. Programming

    A. Track Chairs Reports 
3. Programming Book 
4. Audio Visual - Pat will need to have speakers requirements ASAP
5. Other business (please email George or Pat to put additional items on
the agenda). 

If you won't be able to make the telecon, it would be most helpful if
you could email a summery of what you have accomplished since last we
met. Thank you all for your participation.

Pat Montoure 
806 Acacia Ave 
Sunnyvale, CA 94086 
Email: patmontour at aol.com 
Hm Phone: 408-736-2363 
Cell Phone: 408-930-5506 
Wk Phone: 650-852-7088

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