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Sat Mar 11 09:48:24 EST 2006

Hi George,
I see more people on the speakers page that weren't on this list.
I take it they will all go into the program book?

We now have over 50 names!

If I squish 3 bios per side of a page, that yields 17 pages- but many bios are

Will people go blind if I use 11 or even 10-point font? 

Should I just make a separate bio book? or will some of these people not go
into the book?



Neil Woodward
Klaus Heiss
Alex Barnett
Kathleen Allen
Rocky Persaud
David Brody
Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
Augustine O. Esogbue
Lori Garver
Hal Walker Jr.
Michael and Denise Okuda
Carl Mack
Rick Sternbach
William "Red" Whittaker

--- "George T. Whitesides" <gtwhitesides at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear all, 
>   Below is a draft of a list for the  top speakers who should be featured in
> some way in the program  book.  This could be a listing or a short bio.  All,
> please  review, and let Lisa Kaspin know (cc'd as odyssey_editor at yahoo.com)
> if  there is anyone who is missing who meets the top level  standard.   Also
> -- let me know if you see someone who you  think isn't confirmed, when they
> are listed as such.
>   Shana Dale, Deputy Administrator, NASA
>     Brian Chase, Assistant Administrator, Legislative Affairs, NASA
>     Angela Diaz, Chief Education Officer, NASA
>   Charles Elachi, Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
>     Rick Homans, Secretary of Economic Development, State of New Mexico
>   Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut, Chairman, Sharespace Foundation
>   Rusty Schweickart, Apollo astronaut, Chairman, B612 Foundation
>   Rick Searfoss, Space Shuttle Commander, XCOR test pilot, Rocket Racing
> inaugural test pilot
>   Louis Friedman, Executive Director, The Planetary Society
>   Michael Brown, Caltech professor and discoverer, Sedna and other planet X
>   Chris McKay, Ames astrobiologist
>   Scott Hubbard, Fmr. Director, NASA Ames, SETI Institute
>   Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute
>   Don Yoemans, Director, NASA Near Earth Objects Program
>   Robert Manning, Flight Systems Chief Engineer, JPL
>   Pascal Lee, Director, NASA Haughton Mars Project
>   Elon Musk, President, Space Exploration Technologies
>   Michael Jones, Chief Technical Officer, Google Earth
>   Burt Rutan, designer, SpaceShipOne
>   Dennis Tito, the first space tourist, who launched to ISS in 2001
>   Gregory Olsen, the latest spaceflight participant, who launched to ISS in
> 2005
>   Peter Diamandis, Chairman, X Prize Foundation
>   Will Whitehorn, President, Virgin Galactic
>   Eric Anderson , CEO, Space Adventures
>   Will Whitehorn - President, Virgin Galactic
>   Hugh Downs, Chairman NSS Board of Governors
>   Bill Nye, Broadcaster, author and science communicator
>   Robert Zubrin, President, the Mars Society
>   Rick Tumlinson, Founder, the Space Frontier Foundation
>   Lee Valentine, Chairman, Space Studies Institute
>   John Mankins, Chairman, Sunsat Energy Council
>   John Spencer, President, Space Tourism Society
>   Michael Simpson, President, International Space University
>   Robert Cassanova, Director, NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
>   Kim Stanley Robinson, author
>   Jerry Pournelle, author
>   Gregory Benford, author
>   David Brin, author
>   ?? Still TBD - we should save some space in case they confirm
>   Ken Calvert, U.S. Congressman, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Space
>   Michael Griffin, Administrator, NASA
>   Brant Sponberg, Program Manager, NASA Centennial Challenge Program
> George T. Whitesides  
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