[ISDC2006] Telecon reminder

Pat Montoure montoure.pat at ssd.loral.com
Fri Mar 10 18:43:01 EST 2006

On last Sunday's call, we decided we need to start weekly calls. Many 
apologies, after 2 nudges from George and Brett, I am finally getting 
this out.  Thanks to all of you for all your hard work.

Reminder for our ISDC organizing committee telecon on Sunday Mar 12, 
2006 at 1:00pm Pacific / 4:00pm Eastern time.

Call in: 888-387-8686
Room code: 6863339#


1. Introductions
2. General updates
3. Programming - Pat / George
    A. Track Chairs Reports
4. Programming Book - Track Chairs:   Lisa Kaspin still has some items 
she needs. 
5. Videographer for ISDC
6. Responsibility reports
A. Big name speakers - George and Bruce
B. Thurs night Gala - Space Tourism Soc
C. Registration
D. Hotel - Please send any questions/concerns to Pat
E. Audio Visual - Pat will need to have speakers requirements ASAP
F. Tours - Planetary Soc / Walt Mirczak
G. Web Site - Mike Turney
H. Vendor/Dealers Room -
I. Affiliate organizations Pat
J. Corporate Sponsors - Stan Rosen
K. Corporate Exhibitors
L. PR Jeremy
6. Other business (please email George or Pat (patmontour at aol.com) to 
put additional items on the agenda).

If you won't be able to make the telecon, it would be most helpful if 
you could email a summery of what you have accomplished since last we 
met. Thank you all for your participation.

Pat Montoure
806 Acacia Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Email: patmontour at aol.com
Hm Phone: 408-736-2363
Cell Phone: 408-930-5506
Wk Phone: 650-852-7088

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