[ISDC2006] I need help finding bios, pics for the following

OASIS Newsletter odyssey_editor at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 7 22:07:39 EST 2006

Hello George,

I've found the bios and pics for many of the people on the list you sent me;
except I need help for the following:

Jerry Heneghan need bio

Dennis Tito need bio- I found lots of articles, but no bio

Rick Tumlinson need bio and pic (sorry Mike, the pic was too small but thanks

Hugh Downs, I will use the ISDC 2005 program bio (so I can use what he's
previously okayed); also want the pic file from that book (Sam Coniglio may
have this)

Noah McMahon, Zero Gravity Corporation (have bio, need pic)

Rick Homans, Secretary of Economic Development, State of New Mexico (need pic
and bio)

Scott Hubbard, Fmr. Director, NASA Ames, SETI Institute I can’t find full bio
or a big enough pic

Pascal Lee, Director, NASA Haughton Mars Project I can't find bio or pic

Michael Jones, Chief Technical Officer, Google Earth I can’t find bio or pic 

Robert Zubrin, President, the Mars Society (I take it we have his bio and pic
somewhere, so I can use what he's previously okayed)

Michael Simpson, President, International Space University (need pic)

For the science fiction writers: I need bio and pic:
Kim Stanley Robinson 
Jerry Pournelle 
Gregory Benford 

I have David Brin bio and pic from his website but should I clear their use
with him?)

Thanks! Lisa

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