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david stuart dstuart at prodigy.net
Mon Mar 6 16:36:38 EST 2006

I gather that this is the Commercial convention and not the local convention run by local Sci-Fi groups. With that in mind, I had suggested in the 2/24 meeting that the Art track contact the local Sci-Fi group convention since they would most likely have Art Panels for their Art room & they might be able to lend/rent them to ISDC. The group you list below is most likely NOT that group. I believe Mark Hopkins knows of the local groups convention name, plus the local NSS Chapter may have some contact with that group.
  Dave Stuart, NSS-Seattle

pcojanis <pcojanis at ureach.com> wrote:
  George and Pat,

You may want to check out this event 

It should be a good place to advertise ISDC especially since it
is local, and by the looks of it, with some of the speakers
there (several astronauts, and others) you might be able to make
a soft contact and see if they would be interested in attending,
and/or speak at ISDC. (panel, or keynote or some other event) 
Alan Bean, has done quite a body of art in recent years, it may
be good to get him involved in the Space Art track. There is a
bunch of actors and writer there from Sci Fi series, it may be
possible to see if a few would like to also attend ISDC. All in
all I think it would be a good local place to advertise ISDC. I
think tickets to a day of the event are $25.00 anyone interested
in going and passing out flyers?

Philip Cojanis
pcojanis at ureach.com

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