[ISDC2006] VERY PRELIMINARY Programming Grid

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Thanks Seth, that was on my list of things to do, email you and ask the 
question.  I decided to go ahead and send it out anyway.  I will remove 
the solo solar pwr. Thanks again,


Potter, Seth D wrote:

> Nice work, Pat.  One possible correction: as far as I know, the solar 
> power satellite (= space solar power) session falls within the SSI 
> track, so should not be indicated as separate, unless John Mankins 
> (Sunsat Energy Council) or Lee Valentine (SSI) have requested 
> otherwise, or unless some space solar power advocates have requested 
> their own workshop space.
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> Hi all, 
> It took me a while to go through all the emails and try to put this 
> beast together.  It is very PRILIMINARY.  I still do not know where 
> Planetary Society wishes to be located.  They may choose to take the 
> Ca Ballroom. This will mean some switching around.  I guessed at the 
> time for some of these. I am sure there are some that are not there, 
> simply because I don't know about them.  I lost the original file, and 
> had to recreate a lot of it, so I may have lost some there.  Please 
> look it over and get back to me.  Please keep in mind I MADE THIS ALL 
> UP, so nothing is set in stone.
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