[ISDC2006] VERY PRELIMINARY Programming Grid

Potter, Seth D seth.d.potter at boeing.com
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Nice work, Pat.  One possible correction: as far as I know, the solar
power satellite (= space solar power) session falls within the SSI
track, so should not be indicated as separate, unless John Mankins
(Sunsat Energy Council) or Lee Valentine (SSI) have requested otherwise,
or unless some space solar power advocates have requested their own
workshop space.

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Hi all,  

It took me a while to go through all the emails and try to put this
beast together.  It is very PRILIMINARY.  I still do not know where
Planetary Society wishes to be located.  They may choose to take the Ca
Ballroom. This will mean some switching around.  I guessed at the time
for some of these. I am sure there are some that are not there, simply
because I don't know about them.  I lost the original file, and had to
recreate a lot of it, so I may have lost some there.  Please look it
over and get back to me.  Please keep in mind I MADE THIS ALL UP, so
nothing is set in stone.

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