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Minutes from Robin.  Thanks Robin, you are awesome.


*/Robin Snelson <robin.snelson at gmail.com>/* wrote:

    Pat and George,

    Notes for you. George, about putting the meeting notes up on the
    wiki... did I mention that I hate wikis?

    I'll just send them to you two, and you can decide how to distribute --


    ISDC planning meeting January 22, 2006
    at Sheraton Gateway LAX

    in room
    Pat Montoure, Dave Snead, Craig Ward, Seth Potter, Lisa Kaspin, Sam
    Coniglio, Robin Snelson
    + ... Dennis Whipple, Ramona Montayne

    on call
    George Whitesides, Jeremy Pyle, Brett Silcox, Mike Turney, Dave
    Stuart, Frank Pietronigro, Walt Mirzcak, Amaresh Kollipara, Mark
    Hopkins, Kennda Lynch

    Pat: Phil was in accident, will be okay but can't work on programming
    now, so Pat is it -- coordinating all programming.

    Programming book: Lisa will edit, needs somebody to help lay out.
    Mike Turney did last conference, great job. Lisa wants to touch
    base with him.

    Mike: plan early, start building it as you go along.
    GW: Mike, will you mentor Lisa?
    Mike: get an individual or two in charge of acquiring bios, head
    shots, start as soon as you can. Lisa works in Quark on Windows,
    Mike uses Adobe PageMill on a Mac. [If these two can get along,
    there's hope for the space world.]
    Sam: suggest simple template in Word
    Craig: schedule in Excel
    Pat: short bios, synopsis of program
    Mike and Lisa will talk about producing the program book

    GW: Pat will run the meeting, first a few announcements
    Big name speakers, the wheels are finally engaged -- if you've seen
    the latest list we have Buzz, Rusty, Rick Searfoss, Eric Anderson,
    Peter Diamandis (garbled -- something about terraforming Mars) Hugh
    Downs, John Mankins, Elon Musk, Steve Oswald, Dennis Tito for the STS
    gala and now Burt Rutan. You see here the new world of space.
    Expect Planetary Society will soon confirm many leading planetary
    scientists -- Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan and Pluto. Third
    component, we should soon hear back from our invited NASA speakers,
    Griffin, Shana Dale highest ranking woman in NASA ever. Expect we'll
    get more confirmations over coming couple of weeks.

    Promotion publicity: Ads, big ads in Ad Astra, sending out
    promotional email.
    Feel we as a team are starting to jell together.

    Question by ?: Any invites to legislators? GW: Reps Calvert,
    Rohrbacher, Jane Harmon, Sen Feinstein

    Space Tourism Society will do publicity to include ISDC?
    Sam: John Spencer's list will get the press release. Tasked to do
    ecommerce site. GW: Check w/ Allison, new development, we will set
    up ticket sales through the conference
    Seth: STS Gala & NSS awards banquet the same? Answer: no. Separate.
    GW: just worked out relationship w STS w/Allison Dollar. NSS would
    play greater role than TPS in the STS Gala.
    Last year, we distributed awards over the course of several meal
    events, so to focus more attention on individual winners instead of a
    steady stream of awards. Looking for consensus on that sort of
    Everyone agrees that's a good way to do it.

    Pat: how many registered? GW: don't know at the moment, need to open

    Pat: any questions for dealing with hotel?
    AV? Dennis Whipple's contact missing, will work with hotel for AV setup
    Wireless? Will ask for it in the conference package.
    Dave Stuart: include wireless in room for conf. attendees?
    Sam: art show -- equipment for hanging, locations in hotel, room for
    a 20-foot diameter planet?
    Robin: rocket-bike demonstration?
    Jeremy: has a list of media-related questions will send to Pat for
    meeting tomorrow
    Dennis Whipple-- arrives -- recommends going with hotel anyway. sees
    his job as to coordinate with whatever company we hire, not to find
    the company. work with hotel is smoothest thing we can do, if within

    Mark: look into other ways to set up our own wireless network
    [calling Googlemobile]

    Walt -- working on Vandenberg, JPL, Mojave (XCOR, Spaceport, Scaled),
    Sea Launch, SpaceX, Ruben H Fleet
    Rich Pournelle contact at XCOR. George re Scaled?
    GW:Burt can't commit until mid-April until he knows more about what
    will be able to be public
    GW: re JPL, recently emailed with Louis Friedman, would talk to
    Charles Elachi about arranging a tour. Bruce Betts down in Florida
    for Pluto launch. Susan is the point of contact for tours --
    coordinate with her.
    R: Phil said Sea Launch was a no-go GW: still working on it, may yet
    Spellman said Vandenberg was a no-go, but Walt says still trying.
    GW: we'll get some of our generals on it.
    Amaresh: will remind Rich Pournelle tomorrow when speaks to him

    Jeremy: Possible a sneak preview of Griffith Observatory ? GW: small
    group of Planetary VIPs toured in connection with their gala, they
    have the contacts, Walt should raise question to Planetary

    Jeremy: Ruben H Fleet is a go, just a question of interest and
    transportation arrangement

    GW: thanks to Mike, Jeremy. Karen finished log. Karen and Steven
    working together to develop new graphic look for ISDC site.
    Seth: Planetary no obvious link yet
    Robin: big invite from Lou Friedman on website
    Seth: SSI site it's the biggest thing

    Mike Turney: sharing info, bios, photos etc, figure out a way to
    share our stuff, in ISDC directory
    GW: upload on Wiki possible? don't know. Password-protected area on
    NSS site, we could give access to you and Lisa

    Dave Stuart: two things, ideas from the past. 1. a small area to
    leave messages about sharing rooms, 2. list of last names and states
    of registrants for self-confirmation that registration received, note
    underneath about meals.

    GW: Dave, identify how to do this? Message board? NSS forum?
    Dave will write it up, post on forum, and Mike will integrate into
    [note to Karen and Steven]

    Vendors and Dealers:
    Lost the person who was doing that. Need somebody to take that on.
    Anybody? Craig will check with volunteers from OASIS

    Seth: progress on stuff nobody asked me to do -- Hal Walker
    confirmed, Kennda. Space Studies Institute call for papers for ISDC,
    number of topics within space solar power now a session within SSI
    track. Sunsat Council will be involved with SSI, and SSI with ISDC.
    Mark: potential problem developing. All soliciting papers, some
    topics may be the same for all three organizations, could be a conflict.
    Seth: all the representatives should talk to each other.
    Dave Snead and Lee Valentine
    Especially space settlement stuff that's SSI is also specific to NSS
    -- potential conflict.
    Seth: SSI and TPS about as unlike as you can get
    Robin: they both have solar sails

    Pat: need somebody to recruit supporting organizations
    GW: already have many groups signed on, need to nail down the
    particulars, could use help, means helping me reach out to these
    groups, lot of legwork already done. Hoping Robin would help.
    Kennda: still hasn't gotten paperwork for affilliate org
    GW: we have a document, needs to be finished, very straightforward,
    it will be out soon.
    Kennda: update, Hal WAlker confirmed, Exec Direc Carl Mack confirmed,
    to be videotaed, amazing orator, need to talk to George to get him
    videotaped for our welcome plenary because he can't physically be
    there. Working for more speakers.

    Corporate sponsors.
    GW: update. Stan and I have reviewed a draft of sponsorship
    package. Until details were worked out with STS, it was held up.
    Now it's ready to go out.
    If you have suggestions for who could be approached as sponsors, send
    the contact info to George and to assistant Brett Silcox
    Q: who is being approached?
    GW: First, aerospace contractors, other kinds of business,
    consulting firms

    Frank: did you use any part of our track in sponsorship package? GW,
    yes, included

    Seth: job fair

    GW: a great idea but to be straightforward unless somebody really
    takes ownership of this I suspect it will fall by the wayside. Seth
    will ping a person at Boeing, but doesn't have enough time to manage,
    and it might be a conflict of interest to help other companies hire.
    GW: think Joe Rauscher got back. Brett why don't you and I ping him
    to see if he will take a leadership role?

    Corporate exhibitors:
    Pat: will Stan deal with? or somehow else?
    GW: integrated into the sponsorship package. we'll see how people
    respond. Phil was going to take that on, but unlikely now
    Pat: I consider it a hotel thing. Send me exhibitors and I'll make
    a space for it.

    Public Relations
    Jeremy: media are registering, one who works for PopSci
    email outreach, things developed for Ad Astra magazine, working on
    ads for print and other media. Working on press release right now,
    waiting until website is ready to send press releases out, expecting
    it will be in about a week.
    Amaresh: available to help with P.R., about reaching out to
    universities in the area.
    Frank: 2 people working on international outreach to art publications

    GW: outreach to general media

    Kennda: sent email to George and Karen. In next week we'll get email
    blast, web articles, and coverage in US Black Professional magazine.

    So many angles, with Planetary and NSS, should be many outlets

    Pat: Questions?
    Sam: when might we see a skeleton of programming schedule?
    Pat: has been working on that, will be sending

    Lisa: developing space medicine track, not sure of parameters, what
    to say to invitees --
    Kennda: same issue, don't understand constraints of programming

    GW: Plenary sessions difficult w/more than 5 people. sessions are
    only 50 minutes. Most tracks will be in the afternoon, 3-5 hours
    long, broken into half-hour chunks. So. That's the baseline. For
    bigger or more numerous presentations, we'll talk about it.

    Dave Stuart: so, mornings are plenaries and afternoons are tracks?
    GW: Yes

    Frank: Q
    Pat: rooms of all kinds shapes and sizes available

    Dave Stuart: Track set aside for NSS committee and board meetings?
    Pat: yes
    Dave: NSS chapters assembly, in past 4-5 hours devoted to that,
    discussion of changing that, not doing the track other than the
    necessary meetings. Instead, a large exhibit about chapters --
    display info?
    so, 2 things need to be on the agenda: 1. NSS chapter committee
    meeing, 2 hours. 2. Request for evening time chapters assembly.

    Pat: will be sending out schedule grid with fill-ins sketched out,
    for comments. Email me anything you are requesting to be put on it.

    Dennis: will come to hotel meeting in morning with Pat

    GW: when to meet next. Soon to weekly meetings, not quite yet.
    Pat: via telecon

    Feb 5 Superbowl Sunday 1 p.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. EST

    encourage people to send out any updates on your area of
    responsibility to ISDC list

    Dave Stuart: Is SEDS doing any major input?
    GW: hope is to replicate success from last year, volunteers
    Frank: Space Art track development proposal, should send to GW?
    GW: Yes
    Pat: Send to me, too.

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