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P.S.: The subject line from the last message should have read: Call for
Papers.  I used a previous message to build the list and forgot to
change the subject line.

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> Subject:	RE: Election for the new President of SUNSAT
> Dear Sunsat Energy Council Members and researchers in the field of
> Space Solar Power and Wireless Power Transmission:
> As mentioned in a previous e-mail, the National Space Society (NSS)
> and The Planetary Society are co-hosting the annual International
> Space Development Conference (usually NSS's own) in Los Angeles at the
> Los Angeles Airport Sheraton Gateway, 4-7 May 2006.  The Princeton,
> NJ-based Space Studies Institute (SSI) will be holding a track within
> the conference.  Within that track, John Mankins will be chairing a
> Space Solar Power session.  Those of you who can make it to the Los
> Angeles area this May might be interested in presenting a paper on
> Space Solar Power or other topic within the SSI track.  The SSI call
> for papers is attached.  The general conference website is
> http://isdc.nss.org/2006/.  I apologize if any of you got more than
> one copy of this e-mail. 
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