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Greetings All,
Here is a copy of the Cal for papers that went out for the African Americans
in Space Session.
Talk to you all on Sunday.


From: LYNCH, KENNDA L. (JSC-KA) (ESCG) [mailto:kennda.l.lynch at nasa.gov] 
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Subject: Invitation to participate in African Americans in Space
Mini-Conference at 2006 ISDC

 The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) has partnered with the
National Space Society and the Planetary Society to present the first ever
African Americans in Space Mini-Conference to be held as a session of the
2006 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Los Angeles, CA
May 4-6th.  The National Space Society and the Planetary Society are two of
the largest Space Advocacy groups in the US and the International Space
Development conference is highly regarded and highly attended by key members
of the space community.  This year is especially important as it marks the
25 anniversary of ISDC and NSBE is very honored to be a partner in this
We would like to invite you and your organization to join us in this
historic event.  Below we have provided several opportunities for
participation and we hope that one suites your interest and we hope to see
your submission.


Organizing Committee

Chair - Kennda Lynch (Jacobs Sverdrup)

Volunteer Coordinator - Dr. Edward Tunstel ( NASA -  Jet Propulsion

Education - Dr. Felicia Conley (Texas Southern University)

Communications - Marlo Graves (The Boeing Company)

VIP & Speaker Invitations - Camille Allyene (NASA Headquarters)


This special session of the 2006 ISDC is being organized by NSBE-Space
(http://www.nsbe-hsc.org/space/ <http://www.nsbe-hsc.org/space/> ) a special
interest group within the National Society of Black Engineers (
<http://nsbe.org/> http://nsbe.org) that focuses on developing black
professionals and communicating space to the black community.  Any questions
about this special session can be directed to the session chair, Kennda
Lynch at  <mailto:spacepublicrelations at board.nsbe.org>
spacepublicrelations at board.nsbe.org



Call for Papers


There will be oral presentations during the conference.  

The African Americans in Space committee is requesting abstracts from the
community that address the following topics:


1.	Government funded education programs that support collegiate and
graduate students in science and technology studies (preferably with a space

2.	Communicating space to the African American community 

3.	Space Politics - Advocacy about space, science, technology and
education on Capital Hill with the Congressional Black Caucus. 

4.	NSBE Space Special Interest group programs 

5.	Space Education in the K-12 Classroom 

6.	Nigerian Space Program & other African countries space initiatives 

7.	Remote Sensing in African economic development 

8.	Applications of space technology to African communities 

9.	History of black astronauts and cosmonauts 

10.	Any other relevant topics in regards to space science & technology
and the African American and African communities


Abstracts should be between 300 and 500 words. Abstracts not in the
appropriate format will not be considered.   Authors, by submitting, agree
to let NSS publish their abstracts and manuscripts. All accepted abstracts
and manuscripts will be made permanently available on the NSS Website (
<http://nss.org/> http://nss.org)


Abstract Submittal Requirements (abstract deadline: Wednesday, March 15,

All authors must use
<http://isdc.xisp.net/~kmiller/isdc_archive/isdc.php?link=Welcome> the
abstract submission form at the conference Web site (
<http://isdc.nss.org/2006/> http://isdc.nss.org/2006/).  Authors will be
prompted for information about themselves (name, email address, web URL),
the conference session at which they would like to present, and information
about their paper (title, and abstract).

Formats are: 

Title: text, up to 12 words. 

Abstract: text, between 300 and 500 words.


Please note that the African Americans in Space Session may still be called
Minorities in Space in the abstract submission system. 


Manuscript Submittal Requirements (manuscript deadline: Friday, April 21,

If the abstract is accepted, the authors will be notified. All authors must
submit manuscripts and presentations via
<http://isdc.xisp.net/~kmiller/isdc_archive/isdc.php?link=Welcome> the paper
submission form on the conference website. Authors will be prompted for
information about themselves (how they would like to be introduced, and a
short bio for the conference publication), and a copy of their manuscript.
Formats are: 

Introduction: text, up to 150 words.

Bio: text, up to 300 words.

Manuscript: file, PDF format. 

Presentation: file, MS PowerPoint format. 

Questions - Authors are welcome to email their questions and comments to
<mailto:CallForPapers at nss.org> CallForPapers at nss.org.


Conference and Session Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to support the special mini-conference and to
support the entire ISDC in general.  Specific volunteer positions will be
announced at a later time, but if you are interested in volunteering
(especially if you live in the Los Angeles area) then please contact Dr.
Edward Tunstel at  <mailto:Edward.W.Tunstel at jpl.nasa.gov>
Edward.W.Tunstel at jpl.nasa.gov


Partnership Opportunities

There are still opportunities available to participate in the planning of
this special mini-conference and if you are interested please e-mail Kennda
Lynch at  <mailto:spacepublicrelations at board.nsbe.org>
spacepublicrelations at board.nsbe.org


General Conference Attendance - Special Note to NSBE members

NSBE is an affiliate organization of the 2006 ISDC and all current NSBE
professional members are allowed to register at the member rate of:

$75 - by March 15 (non-member is $100)

$100 - By April 26 (non-member is $125)


NSBE Student members may register at the student rate of:

$25 - by March 15 

$35 - By April 26 


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are solely of my own and of the
National Society of Black Engineers.  They are not of the NASA's

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