[ISDC2006] Updated Volunteer Job Listings Document

Craig E. Ward cewcew at mac.com
Mon Feb 20 17:47:53 EST 2006

Attached is an updated version of the volunteer job listings I sent 
out last week (2/12). I have added a section on benefits and merged 
the corrections from Walt Mirczak regarding tours.

I'd like to start using the document this week. I can send it by 
email to the current set of volunteers and start routing them to 
different areas, but this brings up some questions.

To whom should I be sending volunteers for particular areas? I have a 
Master Tracking excel spreadsheet from early 12/31/05, but I would 
like something more concrete. (For example, this version of the 
document lists my name by "Registration", but I have not agreed to be 
the manager for that area, just be one of the needed "4 - 5 people" 
and I know Karin has not either.) Is there an updated list that 
identifies supervisors for these areas?

Another question is about on-going distribution of the volunteer 
documents. I can send this one out this week by email, but I'd like 
to have a place on the web to store it and other documents. I can 
either send them to the ISDC webmaster to be incorporated into a page 
dedicated to volunteer documents or I could set them up under my 
chapter's domain (as I have done with the mailing list). I think the 
former would integrate better, but I can also handle the latter.

Finally, I didn't see any response to the questions about volunteer 
training and time tracking. If I don't hear anything soon, I'll just 
make something up, which could include doing nothing.


cewcew at mac.com
"There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand 
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