[ISDC2006] Space Art Fund Established

FRANK PIETRONIGRO newpov at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 17 14:43:58 EST 2006

Dear Friends of Space Art:

This letter is a request from Frank Pietronigro and
Lowry Burgess, Co-Chairs for the Space Art Track of
the 25th International Space Development Conference,
for your financial contribution to a new “Space Arts
Development Fund” created at our instigation by George
Whitesides, Executive Director of the National Space
Society, and his colleagues at the 25th International
Space Development Conference (ISDC) Co-Sponsored by
the National Space Society and the Planetary Society.

The creation of the ”Space Arts Development Fund” by
the ISDC will form a highly credible, international
resource for fundraising within the Space Art
Community itself, among its enthusiasts, related
foundations, non-profit sources, as well as corporate
and private donors.

Based on the concept generated from a set of
recommendations from the Space Arts Conference held at
Carnegie Mellon University's West Coast Campus at NASA
Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA last year,
the “Space Arts Development Fund” is created to help
develop the Space Arts Community worldwide, across
institutional, national, and regional limitations. 
Also, by this action, the ISDC becomes a standard
setting ‘venue of record’ for the presentation of the
Space Arts, as well as a hospitable environment for
furthering the dialogue of the Space Arts global

The purpose of the Space Arts Development Fund is to
support space artists and their projects (both as
individuals and within appropriate institutions)
residencies, collaborations and exciting
interdisciplinary projects.  It will fund both the
basic ‘creation and research’ as well as the
exhibition and presentation in appropriate venues,
including TV or radio broadcasts that can develop
broader awareness of Space Art activities with the
general public as well as the much needed scholarship
and publication in the field.

Our goal is to raise $200,000. The first projects to
be supported are:

1. “Gravity Pulse’ the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium’s
Microgravity Flight for Artists to be flown in May as
a part of ISDC.

2. The costs associated with the Space Arts exhibition
at the ISDC in Los Angeles in May.

As Co-Chairs we hope you will join us in
enthusiastically contributing support in any amount,
knowing that various activities of this Fund will
energize and strengthen the Space Art community as a

Please address your tax deductible contributions as
soon as possible to:

National Space Society
1620 I St. NW
Suite 615
Washington, DC  20006

Please make your checks payable to:
National Space Society – Space Art Program

With regard,

Lowry Burgess
Space Art Track Co-Chair, 25th International Space
Development Conference
Distinguished Fellow of the STUDIO for Creative

Frank Pietronigro
Space Art Track Co-Chair, 25th International Space
Development Conference
Associate Fellow of the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Co-Founder and Project Director, Zero Gravity Arts

25th International Space Development Conference
Space Art Track Advisory Committee Members

Professor Priscila Arantes
Chairman of the Post Graduate Studies for Interactive
Medias – SENAC,
Supervisor (Advisor) of Art and Technology
Habilitation in Digital Media at Pontifícia
Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil.

Annick Bureaud
Leonardo Space Arts Working Group

James D. Burke
International Space University

Richard Clar
Art Technologies

Marcos Cuzziol
ItauLab - Itau Cultural Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Burke Fort
President, Foundation For Space Exploration and
Director, Texas Space Grant Consortium, University of
Texas Center For Space Research

Tania Fraga
Artist and Freelance Architect
Researcher at the University of Brasilia, Brazil

Holly Henry
California State University, San Bernardino

Jeffrey Hoffman
Former NASA Astronaut

Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles
The Planetary Society Member
Professor of History, Yale University

Marko Peljhan
Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies,
University of California, Santa Barbara, Director
Zavod Projekt Atol Institute, Slovenia

Richard Lowenberg

Roger Malina
International Academy of Astronautics
Leonardo Space Arts Working Group

Margaret Myers
STUDIO For Creative Inquiry, College of Fine Arts,
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Dava J. Newman
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and
Engineering Systems, Director of Technology and Policy
Program, MacVicar Faculty Fellow, Department of
Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology

David Raitt
Senior Technology Transfer Officer, European Space

Jon Ramer
International Association of Astronomical Artists

Douglas Rushkoff
New York University, Interactive Telecommunications

Jean Luc Soret
Space Art One

Nicola Triscott
The Arts Catalyst

Meredith Tromble
San Francisco Art Institute, Center for Art+Science

Mike Wiskerchen                          
California Space Grant Consortium

Arthur Woods
The OURS Foundation
Leonardo Space Arts Working Group

Tsutomu Yamanaka
Senior Researcher
Space Environment Utilization Center
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

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