[ISDC2006] Re: New pages for ISDC website - please suggest

David Knight dknight at web.com
Thu Feb 2 16:22:41 EST 2006

Hello All, the attached provides the first-round basis for a page 
that can branch off the site.  I have three suggestions:

1.  On the ISDC home page place a 'blurb' that states

Space Venturing Forum comes to ISDC!  Originally hosted by MIT and 
Caltech, the Space Venturing Forum moves into its third year as the 
kickoff event for ISDC 2006.  Click here for more details etc.

2.  ORBIT Awards to crown the opening night of ISDC 2006 - 
featuring the Dennis Tito Award.  Click here for more details etc.

3.  On the downstream page(s) we can start with the synopsis that 
is attached (Word file).

George I know there are still discussions about the ORBIT Awards 
with STS so if you want to leave that off the site for now, that's 
your call.  However let's go ahead and place the Space Venturing 
Forum item up there, and we'll have a tentative agenda to post up 
shortly.  Same for a reg-page specific to SVF, plus people should 
be able to reg for SVF from the main ISDC reg-page - note that 
since we will have a number of people coming to sign up solely for 
SVF and the Awards, we should have obvious pages just for 
these...or whatever configuration works within the 
currently-planned format, so long as its really easy for VCs and 
other such types to find the place to register without confusion.

Two items to note when HTML-ing these:  Space Venturing Forum (not 
Venture), and ORBIT Awards (with all caps on the ORBIT)

Many thanks,


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> Subject: New pages for ISDC website - please suggest
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> Folks,
>    Now that development on the ISDC website is proceeding 
> quickly, I want  to start adding relevant content.  So: can you 
> please send out to  this list suggestions for new pages?  We will 
> track these, create  the pages as necessary, then the relevant 
> people will be empowered to  add their own content.
>    Here are some that I can think of:
>    Tours
>    Space Art
>    Space Venture Forum
>    Orbit Awards Gala
>    Blog?
>    RSS feed?
>    etc

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