[ISDC2006] VERY PRELIMINARY Programming Grid

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We've looked at the Preliminary Grid here at Spaceward and we (mostly I)
have some comments and questions.


1.	Spaceward is working to line up a complete space elevator track
including two plenary sessions and two afternoon's worth of breakout
sessions. On the grid, we're down for one session Friday morning. Can we at
least block out some time on the grid or do we have to have speakers in the
bag before we get on the grid?
2.	It's unfortunate that the one slot we have in the grid is at the
same time as the Solar Power Satellites plenary. One of the attractive
features of the space elevator is its impact on affordability and economic
viability of Solar Power Satellites. I'm thinking that a significant number
of people interested in one topic will be interested in the other.
3.	Does lunch really start as early as 10:00? I ask because that really
cuts into the available time for plenary sessions and panel discussions in
the large rooms. Feel free to tell me that's they way it's always been.




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Hi all, 

It took me a while to go through all the emails and try to put this beast
together.  It is very PRILIMINARY.  I still do not know where Planetary
Society wishes to be located.  They may choose to take the Ca Ballroom. This
will mean some switching around.  I guessed at the time for some of these. I
am sure there are some that are not there, simply because I don't know about
them.  I lost the original file, and had to recreate a lot of it, so I may
have lost some there.  Please look it over and get back to me.  Please keep
in mind I MADE THIS ALL UP, so nothing is set in stone.

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