[ISDC2006] Final ISDC committee meeting Sunday at 1:00pm at hotel

George T. Whitesides gtwhitesides at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 29 00:04:48 EDT 2006

Hi everyone! 
    T-Minus five days until the Citizen Space Event of the Year!  And it  really is -- the registrations are shooting through the roof!  And we  were front page news today on Space.com, Nasawatch.com, and several top  blogs.
    Reminder note that we will have a committee meeting at 1:00pm on Sunday at the hotel.  This will be a final chance to do a review of layouts, schedule and general run-through of logistics. 
  The room for the meeting is still TBD, but we will try to send out an  email about it on Saturday.  If you don't see anything, please  just check the display  sign in the lobby, or call my cell (626 833 5869) or Pat's cell (408  930 5506).
    I'll paste below some highlights of the leadup period.  All the best!
        SATURDAY, April 29
        George, Brett, Katherine arrive in Los Angeles 
        SUNDAY, April 30
        Pat Montoure arrives
    1:00pm Leadership  committee meeting
        3:00pm Local Volunteer  orientation session at hotel
        MONDAY, May 1
    Tech  rehearsal for the ORBIT Awards
        TUESDAY, May 2
        9:30 am            Final  run-through meeting at TPS
        12:00 pm          Bag  stuffing party at TPS
                                 George  and Pat bring packed bags from TPS to hotel
    Set up and test of wireless network 
        Signage due and arrives at hotel or TPS
        WEDNESDAY, May 3
        Change TPS and NSS voicemail greeting to include ISDC hotel  contact number
        Signage up
        8:00 am            Tour  check-in / registration desk opens
        9:00 am            Mt. Wilson  departure 
        10:00 am          Walk  through check for press and credit card phone lines
                                 A/V  will arrive
        Set up of A/V 
          Designation of exhibits and table locations
    12:00     Exhibitors can begin set up
        12:00 pm          Badge  production session for recent registrants of the last week 
        2:15 pm            SpaceX  tour meet up -- departure
        3:00 pm            SpaceX  tour arrival 
        6:00 pm            Set  up registration 
        6:30 pm            Final Volunteer  orientation session
        8:00-10:00 pm            Registration  open
    Conference begins!

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  May 4-7, Los Angeles: 
  25th Annual International Space Development Conference
  The citizen space event of the year!  www.isdc2006.org
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