[ISDC2006] schedule updated, call for proofreading and fact-checking

pcojanis pcojanis at ureach.com
Tue Apr 25 02:07:33 EDT 2006

Great work Robin,

Looks great! and this is really useful in helping with some of
the A/V planning especially the information about the panels
(when & where).  It will help to plan our resources and make
sure we get the right equipment in the right rooms.
Thanks again

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---- On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Robin Snelson
(robin.snelson at gmail.com) wrote:

> The conference schedule has been updated.
> http://isdc.spaceracenews.com  (or reached through home page
of ISDC  
> 2006 by clicking on Schedule)
> In the case of The Planetary Society's special track, the
> are listed at the approximate times on the hourly scheme.
> All track managers, other programmers, speakers, presenters
> panelists:  Please look at the schedule copy carefully over
the next  
> two or three days and send corrections when you think you have
> identified all or most of them.
> thanks,
> Robin
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