[ISDC2006] Invitation to Experience Zero Gravity Art Making With Me in Weightlessness

Frank Pietronigro zerogartist at mac.com
Tue Apr 11 18:53:01 EDT 2006

You are invited to join me for SKY STUDIO: Zero Gravity Arts  
Consortium (ZGAC) Parabolic Research Flight For Artists flying from  
Los Angeles International Airport on May 4 to be flown as a part of  
the Space Art Track of the 25th International Space Development  

When I flew in zero-g back in 1998, the experience was absolutely  
incredible – unlike anything else on earth. Folks like Burt Rutan  
have flown and said, “it was amazingly cool, 10 times better than I  
thought” I, personally, was so impressed that I have coordinated with  
Zero-G to offer, for the first time in the Los Angeles area, a flight  
for the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium and everyone who wishes to  
support and experience our work directly.

On May 4th you are invited to experience what less than 1500  
civilians worldwide have enjoyed -- weightlessness with Zero-G aboard  
a specially-modified Boeing 727 named G-Force 1!  You will receive  
personalized flight training, digital photos, a DVD of the  
experience, a Zero-G flight suit, as well as a framed picture of the  
crew and passengers.

Seating is limited, so please RSVP to frank at pietronigro.com by this  
Friday, April 14th  to reserve your seat.  Costs for this adventure  
are $3,750 per passenger.

This microgravity flight will support research projects being  
prepared by artists for flight on Gravity Pulse: ZGAC Parabolic  
Flight For Artists, The first parabolic flight of its kind flown in  
the United States featuring international space artists creating new  
works in microgravity showcasing Data Flux, an historic live  
interactive webcast of the artists flying direct from Zero Gravity  
Corporation’s Boeing 727 jet

I look forward to seeing you there and launching into Zero Gravity  

Frank Pietronigro

Co-Founder and Project Director, Zero Gravity Arts Consortium

Co-Chair, Space Art Track, 25th International Space Development  

Associate Fellow, STUDIO For Creative Inquiry, College of Fine Arts,  
Carnegie Mellon University

P. O. Box 193163, San Francisco, CA 94119-3163


frank at pietronigro.com

Zero Gravity Arts Consortium


25th International Space Development Conference


  PBS KQED Space Art Special on SPARK

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