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I haven't read everything yet, but I already see some redundant wording
in the first page that I opened:


NSBE-Space will make its first major debut to the space advocacy
community at the 2006 International Space Development Conference (ISDC).
This conference is held annually at different locations across the
nation and is regarded as the premier space advocacy event of the year.
The 2006 conference is a particularly special event as it marks the 25
anniversary of ISDC and it will be located in Los Angeles, site of the
1st event.  ISDC is normally a conference of the National Space Society.



My re-write:


NSBE-Space marks its major debut before the space advocacy community at
the 2006 International Space Development Conference.  The ISDC is held
at major cities across the nation and is regarded as the premier
pro-space gathering of the year.  Normally hosted by the Washington,
DC-based National Space Society, this year marks the 25th anniversary of
ISDC -- in partnership for the first time with the Pasadena, CA-based
Planetary Society -- and has returned to Los Angeles, site of the first





I'll try to get eyeballs on the rest of it tomorrow (I need a fresh set
put in overnight. . .).




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	Greetings All,
	I am just catching up after two weeks of being on travel and I
have a few corrections/updates for the program book as well as the
	Program Book & Website 
	Lisa and Mike, 

	1.	The name for the NSBE Space track needs to be changed
from "Minorities in Aerospace" to "African Americans in Space" as that
is how we are advertising it to our NSBE membership and the community
(please see our attached flyer NSBE-1).

           2.  I have attached the NSBE logo which we now have approval
to use on the ISDC website and the program book.  I have attached it in
three forms (PS, PSD, and JPG), please let me know if another format is
needed.  Please review the NSBE guidelines for usage that are attached
to this e-mail as well.


        Program Book Only

I noticed today that only Neil Degrasse-Tyson is listed in the Bio list
and we would like to request that all our plenary speaker Bios are
listed.  Our current panel consists of the following people:

Neil Degrasse Tyson
Dr. Augustine Esogbue
Hildreth "Hal" Walker
Captain Robert Curbeam
Patricia Grace Smith

 I have attached a file called "Lift Off" (an article from our NSBE
Alumni Magazine) and it lists our four gentlemen speakers and their
bios.  I have also attached the bio that I received from Miss Patti
Smith's executive assistant on Tuesday.  

Lisa, per our conversation I will be contacting each of my speakers and
will let them know that you will be in communication about approving
their reduced bio if necessary.




Kennda Lynch
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