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Hi Robin:
The aforementioned artists are great and exhibit a
representational or visualization form of art. I met a
few space artists at a space art workshop held at Ames
in February of this year. There's a strong exploration
of combining the worlds of space science and art
together to create a body of work where art actually
can advance science in ways that we have not seen
before. Frank Pietronegro who's co-chairing the Space
Art track has access to such artists. I think in our
forefront of giving the public access to space, it is
crucial to exhibit these new ideas and raise the bar
to a higher consciousness to what space art is and can


--- Robin Snelson <robin.snelson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just want to put in my 2 cents about paying
> attention to traditional  
> space art.
> Fred Ordway, one of the world's foremost authorities
> on the subject,  
> is on the NSS Board of Governors.   He would be a
> good person to  
> consult about space art on the program, possible
> exhibition.
> Planetary Society has a successful tradition of art
> contests to  
> increase awareness of planetary missions, and two
> well-known space  
> artists on its board of advisors:  Charles Kohlhase
> and Jon Lomberg.
> Also, to recommend a couple of friends who are
> world-class space  
> artists, both who won Emmys for their work on the
> original "Cosmos"  
> series, and both who've made science-based space art
> their life's  
> work:  Don David and Adolf Schaller.   Adolf is
> doing a mural for the  
> new Griffith Observatory, and Don was recently
> invited to join JPL's  
> imaging team for Mars orbiter, after doing ad-hoc
> work on glitched  
> images.   Both are absolutely fascinating when
> showing and talking  
> about their art and the science that informs it.
> About International Association of Astronomical
> Artists, Don is a  
> founding member, although it seems the organization
> hasn't been  
> active in recent years.  But there's another kind of
> space art that  
> you could think of as astronautical art,
> science-based visualizations  
> of us out there.  Don did some of the greatest work
> in that category  
> with his space colony and space industrialization
> paintings and  
> drawings for NASA Ames studies and O'Neill's High
> Frontier.
> (years and years ago, when you guys were in short
> pants, I wrote a  
> regular feature at Future magazine about space
> artists, and edited a  
> couple of books on the subject, in case you wonder
> why I'm so  
> obsessed with this topic)
> Robert McCall is fantastic, and a new museum just
> opened in Arizona  
> dedicated to his work.   Maybe a traveling show
> could be arranged?
> There ya go, that's my 2 cents.  If interested in
> any of these ideas,  
> I'll be happy to help.
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