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Spaceseaguy at aol.com Spaceseaguy at aol.com
Sun Nov 27 14:43:53 EST 2005

Sounds like a good idea, especially if the AF Space Command speaker is from  
L.A. Air Force Base, which is only a mile or two from the conference  venue.  
Also, if we're going to have speakers on launch vehicles, perhaps  we should 
consider the traditional launch vehicle companies, as well.  I  can make an 
inquiry or two at Boeing/Delta Launch Vehicles.  Admittedly,  things are in a 
transitional state right now, as the formation of United Launch  Alliance 
(U.L.A.), the Boeing/Lockheed Martin joint venture is still in  work.  The situation 
will likely be resolved before the conference.
-Seth Potter
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