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You brought up a good point.  Here is another option:  Get
motivational speakers to help pump up and educate folks.  I just
finished an amazing weekend event called the Millionaire Mind
Intensive.  It was a high-energy, fun way to educate and inspire
people to reevaluate how they look at wealth. They covered all the
bases, including follow-up programs.



Space conference meetings tend to be dull and uninspiring.  Let's find
a way to pump it up!


On 11/21/05, Craig E. Ward <cewcew at mac.com> wrote:
> Some past conferences have included training sessions. They don't
> seem to be popular and this is unfortunate.
> Rather than a full "activist training track," perhaps we should
> consider some more targeted sessions.
> One of my pet peeves with the extended NSS (chapters, regional
> groups, as well as NSS itself) is that so many meetings happen and so
> little gets done at them. (The recent ISDC teleconferences have been
> a cut above so this is not a comment George's meeting skills.)
> Could we have a session that focused on that?
> http://www.mpcfilms.com/products/meetings_bloody_meetings.htm
> The link above is to one site for the training video "Meetings,
> Bloody Meetings." with John Cleese and others. A former employer used
> the video for new employee orientation so I  have seen the video and
> feel that it is worthwhile. The reputation of Cleese might entice
> more people to attend a training session.
> This particular page lists the VHS rental as $250/5 days. I don't
> know if that is the best price or if this vendor is the only one
> licensed to distribute the video in the US. I think it worthwhile at
> that price.
> Craig
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