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I actually work on the JWST program at Space Park, so I would
like to help work this issue for ISDC.  Yes, you are correct
there has been some limited tours made for the JWST, in fact we
currently have a full scale display mock-up onsite in the
facility (it is huge!!), and we do have a few limited tours
occuring.  However, because of our schedule, we will be moving
the mock-up to another site, and closing down much of the view
areas because we will start to have production hardware in those
areas.  By the time ISDC occurs in May, we may not have any
public tours available at all, because by that time most of the
areas will need to be under containment at production level
clean room standards, and I think that it may be too much to ask
NGST for tours.  However, we might be able to schedule something
for certain groups, but that would probably be on a case by case
basis.  I am working with Sally Koris about other issues dealing
with AIAA, in fact I just talked with her earlier today.  I will
start a diologe with her about this issue, which I think that
she would be favorable towards.  On this same topic I currently
have Greg Davidson speaking for me at an AIAA dinner event on
November 30th next week, he is the NGST Deputy Program Manager
for the James Webb Space Telescope.  I have attached a flyer for
the event for those of you that may be interested in attending,
and maybe we can talk with him about ISDC related issues.

Philip Cojanis 

---- On Mon, 21 Nov 2005, Craig E. Ward (cewcew at mac.com) wrote:

> The local Sunday paper did a story on James Webb Space
> (The article is currently online, but I don't know for how
> http://www.dailybreeze.com/business/articles/1993122.html)
> The article explicit mentions that Northrop Grumman Space
> (formerly TRW) will be using a full scale mockup in their high
> and that they plan to let locals see it. The person quoted is
> Koris."
> Someone with contacts into Northrop Grumman (contacts I do not
> might be able to arrange some sort of tour for ISDC. The NGST 
> facility is just south of LAX.
> Craig
> p.s. Muhammed El-Hasan  writes a lot of the technology
articles for 
> The Daily Breeze and has actually attended at least one OASIS
> Might be a good person to add to any LA-specific PR list.
> -- 
> cewcew at mac.com
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> binary and those who don't."
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